Tribeca Investments’ Next Promotional Victim is Face Up Entertainment Group, Inc. (OTC:FUEG)

2FUEG_chart.pngIn general, paid promoters would just about any penny stock out there if they get paid for that. Every now and then, however, a few stocks get shortlisted for a pump all too often and Face Up Entertainment Group, Inc., f/k/a Intake Communications Inc. (OTC:FUEG) has definitely become a promoters’ favourite recently.

Today, FUEG is being promoted by Tribeca Investments Ltd. via their huge network of affiliates including Awesome Stocks, ChatterBox Stocks, SquawkBox Stocks, and Terrific Penny Stocks. Of course, they did not start flooding our database with emails in support of FUEG out of charity. Rather, Winning Media paid them a whopping $70,000 to raise awareness on the stock. So, let us take a look at how the pump job is going at the moment.

1FUEG_logo.pngOpening at $0.145 per share, FUEG stock only gapped up 1.39% as compared to its closing price yesterday. FUEG quickly fell down to $0.128 before surging to an intraday high of $0.163, thus creating a maximum profit opportunity of 12.4%. However, there are a lot of hours to go before today’s session comes to a close, which means FUEG stands little chance of resisting the promotional pressure.

In the light of the hefty compensation, we could safely assume that the guys at Winning Media might have a vested interest in a sharp increase in the market value of the stock. Yet, you should never forget that there is always more to paid promotions that meets the eye. The promoters mentioned above are undoubtedly trying hard to present FUEG as a potentially lucrative investment. Doesn’t it all sound too good to be true, though?

By all means, yes. Even if you only consider how exactly the company plans to pay off its short-term debt in excess of $3.5 million when its total assets barely hit $300 thousand, that would be more than enough to raise a red flag. Indeed, according to FUEG‘s most recent financial reports, the company is not getting anywhere.

To wrap it up, we strongly recommend that you check out the promotional dossiers of Tribeca’s affiliates mentioned above to get a glimpse of the miserable chart performance of other penny stocks which happened to be unfortunate enough to fall under hostile promotional siege.

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