Vape Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VAPE) Seeks Recovery After Week in the Red

Vape Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VAPE) heads for a new week after a rather pessimistic period. Last week, VAPE spent four days in the red, sinking even below $3 when all expectations were for an easy rise above the $4 levels. While selling was subdued, VAPE wiped out about 25% of its value within a week, posing yet again the question of what range would be the best for the stock price. VAPE0512.png

VAPE slid down a modest 5% on Friday, to lock in at $2.90, with dollar volumes above $581,000. For now, VAPE heads for Monday’s opening without fresh PR, the only thing that could help move things a little. The hope for VAPE is to create renewed interest at the lower price range.MCIG0512.png

Investors’ forums show a liking for VAPE as a longer-term option, as the Marijuana sector is still young and may show a new rising trend like it did at the beginning of the year. On the other hand, there are short-term bargain buyers who believe that $3 and above is currently a fair price, and the ticker may have a recovery in the next few days.

The Marijuana index in a way reflects the way VAPE moves, as it fell to its current levels between $3 and $4, with no significant spikes or falls. As the warmer months approach, the market has grown accustomed to the promises of the cannabis business and it is harder to rouse the unusual enthusiasm for MMJ stocks. The other thing causing jitters and cutting off the potential for a rise in prices are the series of trading suspensions enforced by the SEC. This creates doubt for any ticker that rises faster, and what was everyday reality in February is now an ominous sign. If a marijuana stock gets too feisty, that is no longer good news.

The generally poor mood is affecting another rather solid ticker, mCig, Inc. (OTCBB:MCIG). This e-cigarette company also holds a certain long-term appeal, and since the beginning of the year was making a smooth upward trend. In the past few days, the price positions are deteriorating, and MCIG spent most of last week in selling mode. MCIG slid down from 50 cents toward a lower range at $0.37.

For a few weeks now, the marijuana sector almost promised a revival with each new Monday. Unfortunately, the past few weeks remained rather gloomy. For VAPE, investors are expecting earnings to surface in the coming week, potentially changing the direction, but so far, the graph looks like a dead cat bounce.

At the same time, Vapor Brands Int’l, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VAPR) is giving signs of halting its slide, and possibly finding a higher range. At $0.12, VAPR holds a relatively respectable price range, and is still not fatally apart from a recent peak at $0.40. But price expectations have shrank for most marijuana stocks, as even the leading tickers did not manage to command dollar prices easily.

If you see VAPE as appealing in its new lower range, recall that this stock kept near the $10 levels for a while, again giving signs of recovery- only to crash to its current positions within days. Avoid over-investing, unless you can afford to wait out and even take VAPE as a longer-term selection.

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