Vapor, Corp. (OTCBB:VPCO) Back on Analyst’s Radar, Moves Higher

Vapor, Corp. (OTCBB:VPCO) is making another bid for the $2 levels after a setback last week. The stock is back at $1.89, adding more than 11% on Monday on dollar volumes above $4.46 million. VPCO enjoys general loyalty and optimism, but it needs PR boosters to keep the climb going at a good pace. VPCO1210.png

Not that VPCO needs much explaining, but two analysts’ articles on Friday and Monday helped the awareness, and paved the way for VPCO to realize its full potential. There was a mention of an 85% upside push to VPCO, and one day reaching a price that would translate to uplisting. The only thing that worries us here is that VPCO may indeed have qualities, but investors need a reminder every now and then, to resume buying. XXII1210.png

The other thing going for VPCO is an expectation that electronic cigarettes would take off in years to come, creating an avalanche effect of demand. While this is still hypothetical, it may serve really well to boost VPCO at least in the short to medium term. Don’t forget that VPCO is the only public pure-play electronic cigarettes company, and it has grown nearly six times in price this year. Now, it is a matter of facing the end of the year, as well as proving the sales potential and showing how European sales take off.

In the longer term, VPCO may face regulatory glitches, as electronic cigarettes are still quite new and may require rules and categorization from governmental agencies. Still, none of this would matter in case of another relentless upward run.

Close by, in low-nicotine tobacco products, is 22nd Century Group, Inc. (OTCBB:XXII), a producer of modified tobacco plants with a wide range of products. The ticker is also doing well, easily pushing toward the $1.49 levels.

The other contender, Victory Electronic Cigarettes, Corp. (OTCMKTS:ECIG) is stuck just below the $10 levels, running lower toward $9.70 in the past days. ECIG is yet to see a recovery and a true appeal, as VPCO takes all the interest and appears more promising.

We will be tracking VPCO for new heights, but keep in mind that even with all the promises, there are no guarantees that VPCO won’t run through rough corrections.

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