Vapor Crop (OTCMKTS:VPCOD) Sinks Back To The Bottom Of the Chart

On Tuesday the stock of Vapor Corp (OTCMKTS:VPCO) managed to double its price closing at $0.0002 per share. We warned you, however, that the massive red flags that surround the company could not only prevent the stock from moving higher but that it could quickly wipe even these gains. And yesterday VPCO did exactly that plummeting back down to $0.0001 per share.

To say that trading the stock of the company is dangerous would be an understatement. VPCO is simply riddled with pitfalls. Between 2010 and 2015 the company performed three different reverse split, which is already an alarming fact, but this year things have gotten completely out of control. In March VPCO implemented a 1-for-70 reverse split that cut their outstanding shares down to 45 million. It took the company just two months, however, to reach its authorized amount of 5 BILLION shares.

This meant that no more Series A warrants could be turned into common shares. Although less than three months had passed since the 1-for-70 reverse split in order to free sufficient room for the issuance of more shares VPCO resorted to yet another reverse split, but this time at a monstrous ratio of 1-for-20,000. The split became effective on June 2 and left the company with just 250 thousand outstanding shares. Judging by the fact that two days ago close to 2.4 BILLION shares changed hands on market it seems that VPCO‘s printing presses have once again been churning out vast amounts of fresh shares.

As of June 21 there were 70.6 million Series A warrants still outstanding. Each one of them entitles its holder to receive 5,410 shares on a cashless basis. If you do the math you will see that if all of the warrants get exercised at these terms VPCO will have to issue approximately 380 BILLION shares.

VPCO are trying to find a solution and on June 21 announced that they will be offering $0.25 and a Series B warrant for each outstanding Series A warrant. So far the company has managed to exchange a little over 2.8 million Series A warrants. 

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