VOIP Pal.com, Inc. (OTCBB:VPLM) Has Its Moment with Strong September Climb

After years of relatively good performances, though without anything dramatic, VOIP Pal.com, Inc. (OTCBB:VPLM) finally has its hour, standing at a three-year peak. The ticker added more than 24% to stand at 14 cents, on dollar volumes of above $750,000. This year has been a wonderful period for VPLM, after a comparatively flat 2012. VPLM0930.png

VPLM has not been promoted since April, and luckily, the promotions did not hurt the ticker, which only corrected a relatively small amount- from 10 to 7 cents. After that, VPLM rose even stronger, on a series of press releases that show the company is serious about the spread of its services. Perhaps the most notable PR piece was that VPLM was eying Europe as a potential market to offer hassle-free international calls without the problem of roaming. VPIG0930.png

All of this sounds encouraging, but let’s not forget that VPLM is a pink sheet with a relatively low price, and may be prone to volatility. Let’s see if the company is equipped financially to stage an expansion, as promised by the list of patents. VPLM is current as a pink sheet, though without a CIK number. Its disclosures show:

  • $4,000 cash
  • $9,000 total current assets
  • $223,000 total current liabilities
  • Zero revenues

It seems VPLM may be in for an expansion, but it is hard to see from the limited financial data. The company has a long way to go with dilution, as it has more than 900 million shares authorized. Already more than 831 million shares were issued, with around 322 million shares float. Daily trades are of a few million shares at most- so there may be enough holders waiting for aHPTO0930.png high position to realize profits.

VPLM may be rising on the general trend that lifts tech stocks. Such a benefit of the general market affected the stock of Virtual Piggy, Inc. (OTCBB:VPIG), an online service for small financial transactions, but in the past days the slide has accelerated.

Another tech ticker is currently at a temporary peak- hopTo, Inc. (OTCBB:HPTO). The company, offering data optimization for mobile platforms, is reaching above the 50-cents levels, and in the past month and a half has added more than 40% to its stock.

While VPLM is rather accessible, the steep climb may also threaten with a surprising correction. If you want to join at the peak, or if you are waiting for a bargain, keep in mind that VPLM has been unusually active, and the disproportionate investors’ interest may drive the stock in either direction.

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