Voip-Pal.com, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VPLM) Gains over 20 Cents on Buying Momentum

Voip-Pal.com, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VPLM) had a second shot at the 20 cent levels, this time reaching the threshold on a series of good days of buying. On Friday, the stock added more than 15% to $0.202, on dollar volumes above $966,000. VPLM went up on inertia over three days of accelerating buying, despite the lack of a promotion or a new press release. This brings the weekly gain to about 25%, but starts the new week with doubts about the ability of the stock to keep up the levels. VPLM1020.png

VPLM closed in on 20 cents at the beginning of October, but retreated, losing a quarter of its price. Still, the activity happens at a whole new level, as the ticker hovered for a long while below the 10-cent levels, before shooting up suddenly on news of patents. DCLT1020.png

But since the latest news came out on October 8th, there has been silence, and a doubt is cast whether VPLM, with only $4,000 cash, could carve out a significant position among the giant software corporations. VPLM has a White Paper holding its patents, five in all, but so far little clarity on when those technologies may be applied. Still, the sentiment about the stock is for an immediate takeoff, and a permanent rise above 20 cents.

Sometimes, a company’s business model will not go along with the stock sentiment. This is the case of heavily promoted DataCall Technologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:DCLT), which despite the new attention was brought down from 2-cent levels to $0.004 in a few days of selling.

For cloud-computing firm IceWeb, Inc. (OTCBB:IWEB) the promotion has not been a success. The ticker saw increased activity, but has swung all over the place between 2 and 3 cents, causing more jitters than a sustainable trend. Still, IWEB has not crashed beyond repair, so far.

Keep in mind that VPLM is at an all-time peak, and the uncharted territory is as likely to bring gains as losses. So far, the company has announced all its patents, and is not giving further clarity with news.

Investors’ forums still hold VPLM in high regard, with long-term outlook. If you believe VPLM would take off from these positions, it is best to estimate your time horizon well, to avoid absorbing losses. VPLM has been promoted a few months back, and another promotion could boost the levels, but also lead to unsustainable gains.

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