Will Ecosciences Inc. (OTCMKTS:ECEZ) Recover Now?

Ecosciences Inc. (OTCMKTS:ECEZ)’s latest pump turned nasty on Friday, but now it looks like it may be on its way to an unexpected recovery. But will this state of developments last?

We have covered ECEZ on a number of occasions in the past, and every time the story seems to be the same, even if some of the actors get shuffled around. On one hand we have ECEZ, which is still as mediocre-looking and idle as ever, as can be quickly ascertained by a cursory glance at its latest financial report:

  • Cash – $2 thousand
  • Total Assets – $11 thousand
  • Total Liabilities – $713 thousand
  • Quarterly Revenue – $6 thousand
  • Quarterly Net Loss – $108 thousand

The identities of the touters making it out to be the best thing since sliced bread seem to have changed somewhat this time around, but that is to be expected.

And speaking of things one should expect when dealing with an OTC Markets paid pump – it is probably worth noting that the company has plenty of debt outstanding that could be converted into shares of its common stock at rates ranging from a penny per share to to $0.001 a pop. Additionally, company management hasn’t really been stingy in their issuances of “series D convertible preferred stock” at prices of 0.1 per share – and each of those shares can be converted into 10 shares of ECEZ common stock at will.

Once all of these facts are added together, investors should get a pretty good idea of what might have caused Friday’s crash, as well as what might end up crashing the ticker once more before long.

Investors are advised to take that into consideration when deciding how to proceed with respect to ECEZ.

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