Advaxis, Inc. (OTC:ADXS) Threatened by Selling

Sometimes, small cap stocks stand poised on a temporary peak, with a possibility to take either direction. We are yet to see if the last streak of rises for Advaxis, Inc. (OTC:ADXS) will lead to a more robust trend or it will reverse in profit taking. The pharmaceutical company is attractive with many promises of vaccine-based treatments, gathering momentum on good days, but still falling in the longer term. We’ll see what direction the stock moves after taking a long break over the weekend and Monday’s market holiday.ADXS0121.png

The ADXS ticker added a modest 10% on Friday’s trading, and it will need close watching, given that losses of about 30% are usual. The latest paid mail for this ticker came on January 14th, but the ticker has held up in relatively high volume, ending at 7 cents. VSYS0121.png

Like many pharmaceutical developers, Advaxis is still going through an expensive and uncertain research, preliminary testing and other requirements before marketing a product. This results in a deepening accumulated loss, as seen in its financial data:

  • $558,442 cash
  • $4.8 million total assets
  • $15.8 million total liabilities
  • $4.26 million net loss
  • $35.5 million loss since company’s inception

The Quality Stocks newsletter boosted the hope in the company’s future with a budget of $15,000 for the mailing. Advaxis relies mostly on forward-looking statements describing a possible future for nine innovative therapies. Although the research is solid and backed by large US universities, the process of marketing a vaccine requires years for completion.

Advaxis started the new year on a positive note, preparing a presentation for OneMed Forum. The company attracted some attention with press releases at the beginning of the year, as it announced the recruit of Daniel J. O’Connor to the position of Senior Vice President, Chief Legal and Business Development Officer.

The Quality Stocks pumper offers relatively low-priced campaigns. Its latest pick, Viscount Systems, Inc. (OTC:VSYS) jumped markedly on the December promotion, almost doubling its price, but showed a possibility for erasing up to 50% of its value.

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