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Pink Sheets

Market Leaders: OTC Stocks | Pink Sheets

This page has a list of Pink Sheet stocks that are most active or most gained today. Quickly find the best pink sheet stock of the day and the worst pink sheet stock of the day. Find a bargain play in the pink sheet markets. The Pink Sheets quotes are delayed at least 15 minutes.

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Pink Sheets Most Gained
Pink Sheets Most Lost

Pink Sheets Most Active

  Company Price %Chg Vol
AHFD Active Health Food 0.0002 0.00%  482.08m
SRGL Source Gold Corp 0.0003 50.00%  362.86m
XUII Xumanii Internatio 0.0012 -20.00%  260.32m
DNAX Dna Brands Inc 0.0030 3.45%  250.66m
MSOA My Social Income I 0.0011 -81.67%  247.54m
EVSV Enviro-serv Inc 0.0015 -11.76%  124.21m
MTVX Apt Moto Vox Group 0.0011 -15.38%  114.99m
REDG Red Giant Entmt Inc 0.0015 -11.76%  108.66m
PIHN Polaris Intl Holdi 0.0010 25.00%  108.22m
SVFC Intellicell Biosci 0.0021 16.67%  92.38m

Pink Sheets Percent Gainers

  Company Price %Chg Vol
LKOLF Lakes Oil NL 0.0070 6,900.00%  150k
SRDP Star Resorts Dev I 0.0140 1,900.00%  1.19m
CHMR Chimera Energy Corp 0.0200 900.00%  5.15k
MBLV Mobiventures Inc 0.0075 650.00%  11k
STHC Southcorp Capital 0.0459 359.00%  3.12m
PUDA Puda Coal Inc 0.0200 300.00%  84.38k
GFOO Genufood Energy EN 0.0300 233.33%  2.44m
CDOI Cardio Infrared TE 0.0003 200.00%  2.66m
ADPAN Adelphia Rvry Acc-7 0.0300 200.00%  10.37k

Pink Sheets Percent Decliners

  Company Price %Chg Vol
GNCP Gncc Capital Inc 0.0000 -100.00%  14.84m
BRZG Brazil Gold Corp 0.0000 -100.00%  51.89m
MSOA My Social Income I 0.0011 -81.67%  247.54m
SLPHQ Sulphco Inc 0.0001 -80.00%  75.42k
CPICQ Cpi Corp 0.0010 -80.00%  89.06k
BFMC B4mc Gold Mines Inc 0.0500 -68.75%  1.08k
CBULF Caribou King Res L 0.0100 -67.74%  24k
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