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Pink Sheets

Market Leaders: OTC Stocks | Pink Sheets

This page has a list of Pink Sheet stocks that are most active or most gained today. Quickly find the best pink sheet stock of the day and the worst pink sheet stock of the day. Find a bargain play in the pink sheet markets. The Pink Sheets quotes are delayed at least 15 minutes.

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Pink Sheets Most Gained
Pink Sheets Most Lost

Pink Sheets Most Active

  Company Price %Chg Vol
SHMN Sohm Inc 0.0002 0.00%  410.87m
DKAM Drinks Americas HL 0.0001 0.00%  407.95m
EGOH Eagle Oil Holding 0.0002 0.00%  342.12m
TBEV High Performance B 0.0002 -33.33%  324.82m
BTZO Bitzio Inc 0.0001 11.11%  216.67m
ADMD Advanced Med Isoto 0.0044 46.67%  203.5m
NSAV Net Savings Link I 0.0004 33.33%  147.86m
STLK Stl Marketing Grou 0.0003 0.00%  137.62m
XTRN Las Vegas Railway 0.0002 -66.67%  120.98m
LATF Latteno Food Corp 0.0011 -8.33%  108.23m

Pink Sheets Percent Decliners

  Company Price %Chg Vol
TOELF Tokyo Electron 52.93 -18.83%  4.2k
FRFHF Fairfax Fincl Hldg 529.00 -1.89%  8.11k

Pink Sheets Percent Gainers

  Company Price %Chg Vol
LPBPF Lpbp Inc 0.0010 99,900.00%  3.93k
SYHO Synergie Wellness 0.0010 14,185.71%  1.5k
ECCI Ecoloclean Industr 0.0001 9,900.00%  11.11k
RVLTF Revolution Techs I 0.0012 1,100.00%  133k
RKLC Rockelle Corp 0.0000 900.00%  2k
RBEIF RB Energy Inc 0.0260 900.00%  2.63m

Pink Sheets Percent Decliners

  Company Price %Chg Vol
ABIZF Abington Resources 0.0001 -99.58%  20k
DPFD Deep Field Techs I 0.0000 -99.00%  1.62k
CDFT Citadel Eft Inc 0.0010 -98.00%  1.04k
COLUF Colossus Minerals 0.0008 -96.00%  11.25k
AAIIQ Alabama Aircraft I 0.0250 -91.38%  6.78k
UNIV Universal Infotain 0.0030 -90.00%  15k
SLCO Sovereign Lithium 0.0001 -90.00%  11k
AMEHD Apollo Medical Hol 9.00 80.00%  2.63k
TOELF Tokyo Electron 52.93 -18.83%  4.2k
CDUAF Canadian Utilites 30.96 -4.54%  2.36k
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