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Pink Sheets

Market Leaders: OTC Stocks | Pink Sheets

This page has a list of Pink Sheet stocks that are most active or most gained today. Quickly find the best pink sheet stock of the day and the worst pink sheet stock of the day. Find a bargain play in the pink sheet markets. The Pink Sheets quotes are delayed at least 15 minutes.

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Pink Sheets Most Gained
Pink Sheets Most Lost

Pink Sheets Most Active

  Company Price %Chg Vol
FLST Fuelstream Inc 0.0001 -50.00%  581.94m
SWRF Swordfish Financia 0.0003 0.00%  529.76m
DKAM Drinks Americas HL 0.0001 -50.00%  386.66m
SVFC Intellicell Biosci 0.0002 -33.33%  377.43m
MTVX Apt Moto Vox Group 0.0003 0.00%  366.18m
TXTM Protext Mobility I 0.0003 50.00%  358.24m
MNVN Mondial Vntrs Inc 0.0002 100.00%  268.55m
SANP Santo Mining Corp 0.0001 -50.00%  264.01m
AXCG Eyes ON The GO Inc 0.0010 0.00%  145.35m
MNGG Mining Global Inc 0.0001 -50.00%  123.47m

Pink Sheets Percent Gainers

  Company Price %Chg Vol
EGCTD Peartrack Security 0.6000 990.91%  3.41k
PUDA Puda Coal Inc 0.0050 455.56%  1.7k
IMTC Imogo Mobile Techs 0.0300 200.00%  10.01k
TCGD Traceguard Techs I 0.0029 190.00%  34.48k
HEME Healthmed Svcs Ltd 0.0005 150.00%  10k
FXITD Fxitd 0.3000 150.00%  3.12k
DEEL Deal A Day Group C 0.0250 150.00%  60k

Pink Sheets Percent Decliners

  Company Price %Chg Vol
EWSI E-waste Systems Inc 0.0000 -100.00%  3.42m
HIMR Hollund Industrial 0.0100 -90.48%  35.12k
KADR Arcadia Resources 0.0002 -80.00%  15k
MAOMF Maudore Minerals L 0.0020 -77.78%  2.5k
URXZF Jadela Oil Corp 0.0153 -75.71%  5k
AEHI Alternate Energy H 0.0001 -66.67%  1.2k
WLOC Willow Creek Enter 0.0010 -62.96%  14.47m
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