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Pink Sheets

Market Leaders: OTC Stocks | Pink Sheets

This page has a list of Pink Sheet stocks that are most active or most gained today. Quickly find the best pink sheet stock of the day and the worst pink sheet stock of the day. Find a bargain play in the pink sheet markets. The Pink Sheets quotes are delayed at least 15 minutes.

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Pink Sheets Most Gained
Pink Sheets Most Lost

Pink Sheets Most Active

  Company Price %Chg Vol
MNGG Mining Global Inc 0.0001 0.00%  448.51m
DKGR Drake Gold Resourc 0.0002 0.00%  375.04m
PCFG Pacific Gold Corp 0.0002 0.00%  317.23m
QASP Quasar Aerospace I 0.0006 -25.00%  201.48m
MSOA My Social Income I 0.0004 -42.86%  184.76m
LHPT Lighthouse Petrole 0.0002 100.00%  179.57m
RIGH Rightsmile Inc 0.0005 0.00%  131.79m
IDGC Idglobal Corp 0.0005 0.00%  119.19m
DOMK Domark Internation 0.0005 25.00%  110.98m
BCAP Baron Capital Ente 0.0005 0.00%  105.56m

Pink Sheets Percent Gainers

  Company Price %Chg Vol
OPTL Optimum Intractve 0.0040 1,900.00%  50k
PRKV Parkvida Group Inc 0.0070 600.00%  105k
NXTYQ Nexity Financial C 0.0030 500.00%  32k
DMSI Dermisonics Inc 0.0076 375.00%  214.05k
LBSV Liberty Silver Corp 0.0400 300.00%  50.65k
BHOR Behringer Harvard 2.00 300.00%  1.38k
GELV Green Energy Live 0.0375 275.00%  22.85k
PLTWF Plastec Techns Wts 0.0950 249.23%  547.6k
MKTSQ Direct Markets Hld 0.0040 233.33%  52.51k
TPHM Thomas Pharms Ltd A 0.0003 200.00%  1.28m

Pink Sheets Percent Decliners

  Company Price %Chg Vol
PYCT Paychest Inc 0.0000 -100.00%  3.58m
HRDN DC Brands Intl Inc 0.0000 -100.00%  1.55m
GNCP Gncc Capital Inc 0.0000 -100.00%  3.46m
EFIR Egpi Firecreek Inc 0.0000 -100.00%  1.43m
LVEN Chile Mining Techs 0.0032 -93.60%  35k
PLKT Solar Gold Ltd 0.0020 -75.00%  48k

Pink Sheets Percent Gainers

  Company Price %Chg Vol
DKSHF Dksh Holding Ltd O 79.05 3.54%  31.95k

Pink Sheets Percent Decliners

  Company Price %Chg Vol
QSCGF Qsc AG Ord 2.91 -42.27%  77.77k
BGPBF Bts Group AB B Shs 6.62 -23.02%  3.08k
PRSEF Prosafe SE (cyprus) 6.73 -13.75%  7.5k

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