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Pink Sheets

Market Leaders: OTC Stocks | Pink Sheets

This page has a list of Pink Sheet stocks that are most active or most gained today. Quickly find the best pink sheet stock of the day and the worst pink sheet stock of the day. Find a bargain play in the pink sheet markets. The Pink Sheets quotes are delayed at least 15 minutes.

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Pink Sheets Most Gained
Pink Sheets Most Lost

Pink Sheets Most Active

  Company Price %Chg Vol
MHYS Mass Hysteria Entm 0.0002 0.00%  840.21m
HDSI Hds International 0.0004 100.00%  562.64m
LIGA Lig Assets Inc 0.0002 0.00%  448.05m
PMEA Pm&e Inc 0.0003 0.00%  237.72m
PEII Petron Energy II I 0.0002 0.00%  214.16m
SEEK Thedirectory.com I 0.0001 0.00%  182.33m
CEHC Cephas Holding Corp 0.0015 150.00%  180.32m
HBRM Herborium Group Inc 0.0007 -12.50%  146.91m
BIEL Bioelectronics Corp 0.0007 -22.22%  143.29m
WDHR Weedhire Internati 0.0001 -50.00%  140.94m

Pink Sheets Percent Decliners

  Company Price %Chg Vol

Pink Sheets Percent Gainers

  Company Price %Chg Vol
HDST Headstrong Group I 0.0010 99,900.00%  8k
USAE U.s. Aerospace Inc 0.0010 11,011.11%  4.7k
PHMB Pharmacom Biovet I 0.0001 9,900.00%  890k
GRPR Grid Petroleum Corp 0.0001 9,900.00%  13.06m
ACCR Access Power Inc 0.0010 9,900.00%  10k
WHAIQ World Health Alter 0.0001 900.00%  8.5k
WGAS Worthington Energy 0.0010 900.00%  8k
VROT Vitrotech Corp 0.0001 900.00%  2.5k
TSTC Telestone Techs CO 0.0100 900.00%  74.03k

Pink Sheets Percent Decliners

  Company Price %Chg Vol
IENG Integrated Energy 0.0000 -99.00%  2.24m
RINO Rino Intl Corp 0.0001 -96.67%  2.02k
ZWBC Goldkey Corp 0.0326 -94.99%  20.5k
TGGI Trans Global Group 0.0000 -90.00%  1.25m
SPNGQ Spongetech Del Sys 0.0000 -90.00%  12k
POLR Polar Petroleum CO 0.0010 -90.00%  80.15k
JUNP Juniper Group Inc 0.0000 -90.00%  6m
KDNUU Kindred Healthcare 1,107.08 8.28%  4k
ATVFF Actavis plc Pfd Co 1,031.61 0.55%  185.53k
TLPFF Teleperformance Ord 78.20 7.66%  3.94k
ECSTF Etfs Cmdty Secs CO 27.25 -6.03%  1.03k
OSEMF Osem Investments L 19.00 -8.32%  1.2k
WOLWF Woolworths Ltd Ord 22.89 -4.49%  4.14k
GARPY Golden Agri-res UN 29.16 -2.67%  3.94k

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