Alkaline Water Co., Inc. (OTCBB:WTER) Grows 20% on Traders TV Email

The graph of the Alkaline Water Co., Inc. (OTCBB:WTER) now starts to look like a genuine recovery attempt, adding 20% to reach 60 cents on $1.28 million buying volumes. The climb this Monday can be directly attributed to a Traders TV email that landed just before markets opened. At the same time, WTER did not mention anything new in a press release. WTER0924.png

While WTER is not too active with press releases, its claims and promises often appear re-posted on investors’ forums. And with a nice 60-cent number, there may be some momentum carrying over to the new trading day. USRC0924.png

But WTER is still 50% below its peak promotional prices, where the selling began in earnest. WTER just touched $1.20 at its highest.

Some of the pumpers for WTER already abandoned this selection, moving on to bigger movers, and not staying with a ticker beyond the days of crashing. Hot Stock Ace Publisher pushed two new selections since leaving WTER.

For one of the tickers, Unisource, Corp. (OTCMKTS:USRC) the promotion only led to net selling, happening on the day after the promotion. Currently, USRC is hovering around 37 cents, but sometimes promotions do more harm than good.

Speaking of recoveries, it’s not always a simple story. On Friday, Montalvo Spirits, Inc. (OTCBB:TQLA) added more than 30%, stemming the slide in a day of active buying. But the new week opened with a loss of more than 9% to 38 cents, though on significantly lower selling volumes.

In the case of WTER, the company has enough material to continue to impress investors for a while. Unlike TQLA, the products of WTER are still not available online. The next quarter may pass under the expectations of production starting soon, but until then, the stock price may move in disproportion to the true business developments.TQLA0924.png

Currently, the general sentiment seems negative, even toward the product, which calls attention to the overactive hyping of specialty and designer waters. WTER is just a newcomer to a market driven by giants, and its Alkaline 84 brand may have a problem for its large packaging.

If you still believe WTER has longer-term potential, or it can make a short, but stunning run, it is still best to avoid investing sums that you cannot afford to lose. Otherwise, WTER is for now still making a balance between the many red flags and a true potential to make it to market. But if past history is indicative, most pumped tickers end up nowhere

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