American Green, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ERBB) Manages a Green Day Ahead of Report

It has been a dramatic stretch of trading for American Green, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ERBB), with the stock dropping roughly 20% since Nov 10. Yesterday a volume spike sent the price in the red again but in the late afternoon ERBB managed to clamber to a close 7% in the green.

The company is on the verge of two make-or-break moments in its development. First and foremost, there’s the matter with ERBB‘s legendary Zazzz marijuana vending machine. The Mach 2, improved, snazzy version of the Zazzz should be very nearly complete now. At least that’s what logic dictates, considering ERBB stated the company keeps receiving orders for the Mach 2 and those are scheduled to ship in ‘early December’.

When it comes to dates, deadlines and product launches, investors may want to take everything ERBB announced with a grain of salt. Looking through the company’s PR feed, ERBB announced the launch of the Mach 1 Zazzz once in May and once in June, then missed both time windows. The next announcement was that the Mach 2 new version would be operational in multiple states across the U.S. ‘in October’. November is nearly over and the company is still allegedly working on the Mach 2.

The second focal point in ERBB‘s immediate future is the quarterly report that needs to be out by Friday. The company has kept financing its operations for a long while through the issuing of toxic convertible notes. Over the quarter ended June 2014 alone ERBB issued a new $1 million in debentures that can potentially convert into about 2 billion new common shares priced at triple zeroes.

ERBB‘s current authorized share cap can only take another 0.8 billion newly issued shares and doesn’t allow for the full conversion of even those notes. This is all without counting the other outstanding convertibles the company issued in the past and has not yet cleared. An increase of the authorized share number in the new report will be a pretty clear sign what the company plans to do.

ERBB‘s Q1 report is due on Friday.

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