Be Active Holdings, Inc. (OTC:JALA) Slides Down a Third

On Thursday, March 14th, the stock of Be Active Holdings, Inc. (OTC:JALA) went full circle and returned to its price before the promotions started. Whether valley buying will wake up the stock again is still a point in the making, but 3/14 saw JALA slide down more than 36% to 9 cents per share. JALA0315.png

JALA rose on a mixed campaign including a dedicated domain with an outright promotional message. As a side note, the company touted the recent reverse buyback of a producer of frozen deserts and ice cream products, Be Active Brands. However, the potential success of a brand that is still burdened by high supermarket shelf fees is a long-term event, longer than the small time frame in which a pump would peak and deflate.

The latest reviews, reflecting Be Active’s financial contribution, is as follows:

  • $131 in cash a/o Sep 2012
  • $1 million in current liabilities a/o Sep 2012
  • $36 thousand GROSS loss for Jan-Sep 2012
  • $658 thousand net loss for Jan-Sep 2012

Previous paid promotions said JALA could reach $1.50, but went with the disclaimer that this was an estimate, and the stock moved from around 13 cents at the start of the promotion to less than 10 cents. The pumper, Penny Stock Chaser, seems to be dealing with a one-time free campaign, while the greater part of the message comes from the dedicated site, The biggest promise from the site is that gains would come to early arrivals, and indeed JALA logged record volumes and doubled quickly in price only a few days after a long, inactive period while the OTC vehicle company switched identities.

But it seems the early period is over, and the next few days will see if at 9 cents JALA is still attractive enough. Previously, working under the name SuperLight, Inc. (OTC:SUPU), the company hoped to start a disposable diaper distribution, but the project ended in development. The old ticker and name lasted until January, but even before that the domain,, was already preserved, showing elaborate plans to put Be Active Brands on the OTC markets.

The web-based campaign came for a compensation of $2.2 million, used by Cloud Focus Group, along with 5 million shares in further compensation. We’ll see if some of the money goes to yet more professional promoters, but in any case, the promises and future potential of JALA and its brands are not reason enough to jump into this overly-hyped position.

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