Brookfield Resources, Inc. (PINK:BFLD) Gets Another $60,000 Pump, More PR Hype

1BFLD_chart.pngAn ongoing pump campaign targeting Brookfield Resources, Inc. (PINK:BFLD) is starting to pick up speed. BFLD stock traded in a volume exceeding 1.5 million shares on Friday. Pumpers used the momentum and dished out a new email promotion over the weekend.

Among the best-paid pumper parties is Awesome Stocks, touting BFLD‘s as of yet unproven potential and pocketing $60 thousand dollars in the process. The company has been keeping up a rapid fire of press releases to ride the hype created by the other promotions spanning the duration of the previous week, bringing up plans for airborne studies of its land claims. Even if investors decide to take a very brief look at the company’s filings they will be greeted with the following numbers in BFLD‘s latest quarterly report, for the months ended November 2012:

  • ZERO current assets, cash or otherwise
  • $42 thousand current liabilities
  • ZERO revenues
  • $48 thousand net loss

Even at that point things are looking rather dreary and it’s really hard to imagine how BFLD intends to pay for its planned aerial studies of its land claim. The land claim in question was obtained when the company changed management for the second time in a short stretch of time. BFLD, formerly known as Movie Trailer Galaxy, Inc., an abandoned unsuccessful business venture, issued 298 million shares to a Mr. Matteo Sacco in exchange for ‘exploration licenses’ held by him. In the process Mr. Sacco became BFLD‘s President, CEO, CFO and Secretary – the mark of a man of many talents, as well as the holder of 68% of the company’s stock, after previous CEO Mr. Roon canceled 840 million shares he held before relinquishing his post.

It looks relatively simple to figure out who may stand to profit hugely from a sharp inflation of BFLD stock price. The paid pumps seem to be on their way to achieve this, as BFLD closed up 6% on Friday and share volume for a stock that was literally not trading a month ago suddenly surged to over 1.5 million.

HKTU2_fail.pngAwesome Stocks, the promoters who touted BFLD over the weekend against $60 thousand in payment, previously ran some disastrous pumps on newcomer companies that didn’t really trade before the PR hype and the pumps began. One recent example is their effort promoting Hokutou Holdings, Int. (PINK:HKTU). After Awesome Stocks chimed in with their last mail on HKTU, the stock has been tumbling uncontrollably downhill, currently over 50% down from the pump spike.

Investors are advised to check their facts and do their own research before they invest in any stock but this is especially true when the company in question is being targeted by paid pumps. Do your due diligence and stay safe!

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