Buzz Stocks No Longer Create Buzz About Brookfield Resources, Inc., f/k/a Movie Trailer Galaxy Inc. (PINK:BFLD)

BFLD_chart.pngEver since the promotional hype about Brookfield Resources, Inc., f/k/a Movie Trailer Galaxy Inc. (PINK:BFLD) commenced on Jan. 13, it has shown no signs of slowing down. Today makes no exception, either.

In fact, the first of the new batch of promotional emails reached our database yesterday, some 18 minutes prior to the end of the session. However, it failed to make an impact and BFLD shares closed at $0.94 per share, down 1.05% as compared to their previous close. What is the situation today?

One our into today’s session, the two-pronged, thirty-five-thousand-dollar campaign in favour of BFLD isn’t yielding any satisfactory results. The stock opened at $0.11, then rose to $0.12, creating a 9% profit opportunity, then went down to $0.095 per share. In this run of events, the pump seems highly unlikely to regain investors’ interest in the next few hours of trade.

The company has been issuing loads of press releases for the last few weeks, yet none of them reveals anything material. Rather, those releases seem to be prepared to keep the endless promotions going. BFLD changed its business upside down last September when it shifted towards the mining industry, leaving its previous website hang out to dry. While the latter is still active, there is no one to administer and provide updates to it.

BFLD_logo.jpgDealing with mining is a challenging task which requires a lot of time, efforts, energy and funds. For the time being, BFLD does not appear to have any of these attributes, which is why paid pumping could hardly keep the stock up forever.

Until BFLD managers provide the genral public with updates that actually have a material impact on its new business ventures, investors will have to rely on paid pump job such as the one led by The MarketCaliber Team and Buzz Stocks to get an opportunity to short their shares.

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