Chron Organization Com (OTCMKTS:CHRO) On The Rise

Chron Organization Com (OTCMKTS:CHRO) has had a great time this year. The company stock began climbing in February and gained an impressive amount of value over the course of the next couple of months.


It did suffer a couple of setbacks last month, but that’s really explainable. Just taking a quick look at the financial report for the quarterly period ended March 31 shows that the company is not in a very good state. Here are some of the numbers of prime interest contained in the balance sheet.


  • cash: $121 thousand
  • total assets: $133 thousand
  • total liabilities: $232 thousand
  • revenues: ZERO
  • net loss: $169 thousand


Those numbers aren’t that bad, but they aren’t really good either, especially when you consider that CHRO’s market cap is just a couple of million dollars shy from $30 million. This is the case after the latest series of upward sessions pushed the company stock, recovering the losses of the last couple of slides it had.


Yesterday we saw CHRO gain 17.65% in value and the company stock finished the session with a price of $0.048. A total of 1.85 million shares changed their owners, but managed to generate only $84 thousand in daily dollar volume at those prices.


You should, however, keep in mind the convertible debt that can be turned into shares with prices ranging from $0.001 to $0.005 about which we talked more in our previous article.

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