Creative Edge Nutrition Inc (PINK:FITXD) is an ATM Machine for Stock Mister

7FITX.pngDon’t be confused by the D at the end of the ticker. It’s the same Creative Edge Nutrition Inc (PINK:FITXD) that we have talked about in the past and Stock Mister received bags of cash once again for pumping them. So, nothing new on that front.

Stock Mister seem to enjoy touting FITXD and they have participated in numerous pumps for them both as the promoter and as a paying party. Of course there’s been no shortage of pumps and according to our database, as much as 126 emails have been received ever since the start of the first pump that we intercepted back in September 2012. All these promotions are the cause for the massive peaks followed by even bigger drops that you can see on the chart, but they are not the only culprit.

FITXD have the habit of publishing exciting press releases. On March 25 they announced their entrance into the medical marijuana sector just as the newsletter were gathering the troops for a massive pump. Then, a couple of days later, they announced a stock split, which was not very well disguised as a stock dividend, and it was done while the excitement was still on.

Of course, there are many more instances of such behavior, but we just wanted to show you a couple of the more recent ones. So, what did all this resulted in? Well, as you would imagine, the medical marijuana sparked a flurry of excitement all around the traders and they jumped in head-first which resulted in record volume and a whopping 191% in gains in a single day. The second PR that we listed wasn’t that successful and the ticker went up by just 8%, but what about the rest of the days, when FITXD’s PR department and the pumpers were having a day off?

Let’s just put it mildly and say that there is much to be desired from the performance of the stock. There have been a few ups, but most of the times, the ticker has been struggling and surprising investors with huge plunges just when they are least expecting it.

Today, when we received the next in a long line of emails from Stock Mister (for which a total of $45 thousand has been paid), we knew that there is bound to be a new announcement to help with the hype. We were right.

6FITX_logo.jpgFITXD woke up early today to let us all know that they will be launching their second (yes, second) medical marijuana based product. The first one was announced on March 25 and it’s not for sale, yet but still, FITXD are not the folks who stand around doing nothing and in the course of less than a month, they have developed a new sort of protein that promises to be even better than the first one.

In the interest of fairness, we have to point out that we are delighted to see some concrete information this time. While FITXD filled their previous press releases with complex words that nobody can pronounce, they simply couldn’t be bothered to explain when will the proteins hit the shelves and when will the revenues start flowing. Now, however, they finally gave in and provided us with a date (of sorts) – early May 2013.

We mentioned numerous times on these pages that getting the product ready and selling it is not the only issue. They have done it before with their marijuana-free dietary supplements and their financial statements reveal that they have generated millions of dollars in revenue, but because of their inability make the products cheaply enough, they have incurred some serious losses.

1EXLA.pngWill the same thing happen to their new hemp-based proteins? Only time will tell. Right now, however, the investors have some more urgent issues to think about. Like, for example, following Stock Mister’s advice and buying some FITXD shares, or not. Well, Stock Mister have been around for quite some time now and you would probably imagine that experience has taught them something, but as their track record would suggest, that’s not the case. They were part of yesterday’s pump on Helmer Directional Drilling Corp (OTC:EXLA). We wrote about it and we predicted that the result of the pump could be pretty devastating. Sure enough, the losses amounted to 72% in just eight hours of trading. It’s up to you now to decide whether it’s really worth going with Stock Mister’s alerts.

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