Decision Diagnostics, Corp. (OTCBB:DECN) Continues Upward, Nearing $1

Decision Diagnostics, Corp. (OTCBB:DECN) opened lower on Wednesday, but the new week started with positive days, taking the ticker within reasonable distance from the $1 levels. DECN added 8.66% to reach 89 cents on dollar volumes of above $547,000. DECN0210.png

The main story around DECN is the upcoming distribution of its test strips for blood glucose, a potentially cash-cow product. The latest press release confirms this, as DECN announced it would start the shipping of a large order soon. The distribution of the GenStrip products met with a hassle, since it was designed to work with a Johnson&Johnson blood glucose meter device. The large company is disputing the foray of DECN into the market, since J&J spent much time, effort and money to build the devices and the infrastructure which DECN will now be using. VPLM0210.png

So far, DECN is a success story. But with such a steep climb, we are beginning to question whether the stock would not be losing steam soon, as optimists have loaded enough shares. In the past weeks, the DECN stock had minor setbacks, but continued the upward trend. Now, at nearly 90 cents, DECN may face a test for resilience.

Another company with a solid business model- surveillance, is showing a shaky graph in the past month. Southern ITS Int’l, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SITS) swung up and down erratically, despite the regular press releases and developments. But such a movement is to be expected from a double-zero ticker that is also used for short-term speculation. Currently, SITS is sinking toward $0.003.

And if you are into steep climbers,, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VPLM) continues up into uncharted price ranges, though with slower steps.

We will be watching DECN in the next days, to see if the high peak is not threatening to turn into a significant sell-off. Still, SITS0210.pngDECN is considered a stock with a longer-term potential that is just now seeing the price range it deserves.

For now, investors’ forums recommend holding onto this stock. The product of DECN is already widely available online, and it is reasonable to expect wider distribution and earnings. Still, you have to decide for yourself the preferred time horizon before committing to a ticker that may backtrack at least temporarily.

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