Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:FROZ) Falls into Disrepair Despite Fresh Business Plans

Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:FROZ) is not reaping any more success from its link to the motorbike business, and the stock price is accelerating its slide. FROZ seemed like a robust alternative to fast-moving marijuana stocks, but the past weeks did not treat the ticker kindly. The price slid down more than 26% on Tuesday, reaching $0.0033, on dollar volumes above $771,000, exceeding the sales of the past days. FROZ0521.png

FROZ has been sliding since April 21st, sinking down from $0.02 to a tenth of that price, as the company could not fulfill the promise of easily rising into multiple pennies. Unfortunately, the latest round of financial results did not prop up the falling price, and may have even worsened the selling. The addition of the APT Group and its motorbike technologies so far has an unknown effect, but some of the latest financial data include: FARE0521.png

  • $169,770 cash
  • $1.7 million net loss for Q1, 2014
  • Still no revenues

While the loss has shrank a bit from 2.8 million for the previous reported quarter, FROZ still has a long way to go until it establishes itself as a stable company, despite the promise of the MotoVox range of products for small motorbike engines. The other problem for FROZ are the 3.9 million shares outstanding, and the unknown free float, which may mean selling shares from the sidelines, depressing the price. The large stock dilution easily explains why FROZ is placed fair and square into the double-zero range. Also, the ticker holds an OTC landing page warning, outlining the dangers of unsolicited quotes.

Investors’ forums see FROZ as a risky bid, with a bent toward technical trading. The expectation is that FROZ would shrink further, toward $0.001, and then buying would perhaps resume. Still, FROZ did not turn out to be the champion runner it was supposed to be, and this time it was not even noticed by email promoters. Unfortunately, not even the upcoming APT Group conference presentations helped prop up the stock price, despite the rather positive PR on the Sonic Flow CSI Engine. Still, there is time before the scientific symposium on June 10-11, 2014 at the Colorado School of Mines, in Golden, CO. The event may trigger a bit of positive sentiments about the company.

But now that marijuana stocks are revving up again, FROZ may remain frozen. It is a part of the handful of tickers that offer alternative investments in other sectors. Not even World Moto, Inc. (OTCBB:FARE) could beat the loss of interest with its business model. FARE, the developer of motorbike taxi-meters, crashed a few days ago as low as $0.06, though it regained some strength, but the days of enthusiasm are in the past.

And Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VEND) could not vault the $4 levels again as expected, instead continuing to deflate toward $2.55, still a respectable price position, though one much lower compared to the days of promotion.

If you choose to test FROZ, keep in mind that volatility is inherent to double-zero stocks, so plan to be able to afford losses, as well as enjoy fast gains.

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