Green Innovations Ltd (OTC:GNIN) Getting Desperate

32GNIN_Chart.pngEveryone knows the saying “desperate times call for desperate measures.” It seems that’s what it has come to with Green Innovations Ltd (OTC:GNIN).

Yesterday GNIN lost another 21.39% and closed at $0.68 per share on approximately 2.5 million shares. This brought the total loss since the split to more than 50%, and there’s room to go lower.

The reaction of the management seems to be issuing more fluff press releases. The latest one, from earlier today, is about how GNIN managed to complete a purchase order in less than two weeks. For some reason Tray Harrison decided this was worth a press release.

As exciting as this may seem to be for Mr. Harrison, the market reaction is negative in early trading. At the time of this writing GNIN is down another 4.41%.

With the pump over, GNIN may be in the most painful stage for those who believed the boasts of the management and the hype created by the pumpers. We were skeptic about the $5.62 target price given in the paid tout report by MWR. It seems we were right. We hope we have managed to help our readers not lose their money on GNIN.

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