Green Innovations Ltd. (OTC:GNIN) Regains More Confidence

19GNIN_chart.pngAfter crashing about 80% in just three sessions, Green Innovations Ltd. (OTC:GNIN) has put a lot of effort to regain credibility. So far, it seems it’s working.

Yesterday GNIN closed up 10.90% at $1.73 on approximately 8 million shares. The price reached $1.95 during the session but GNIN didn’t manage to close at the high of the day.

One factor for the performance was another press release by the company. GNIN announced an addition to its Strategic Advisory Board. Philip C. Rundle is joining in. Mr. Rundle has extensive experience in management and marketing, including VP positions at Kimberly-Clark.

This is yet another inspiring piece of news for GNIN shareholders, however, it’s hardly enough to completely erase the issues with the paid pump on GNIN. Investors Alliance, and the other pump newsletters keep touting the stock.

Most companies use advertisements, but when the ad is on the stock of a company, as opposed to the product of the company it raises suspicions.

The positive announcements issued by GNIN suggest the company is doing great. Unfortunately, the information they provide can only give the public a vague idea of the actual situation.

The piece of the “bright future” puzzle of GNIN that’s missing is a financial report showing the picture in its entirety. At this time, the public is essentially trading GNIN on circumstantial information. With pumped stocks crashes can happen at any time.

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