Hybrid Coating Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:HCTI) Bounces Once More

Hybrid Coating Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:HCTI) started last week badly and looked like its momentum may carry it all the way into triple zero land before long, but it was not to be. The ticker managed to finish the week on a positive note, bouncing 62.86% in a single session.

Interestingly enough, this substantial jump seems to have been caused by unsubstantiated rumors that HCTI is on the verge of announcing a deal with Sherwin-Williams Co. (NYSE:SHW). Evidently, some investors have taken those to be true, and as a result of the burst of activity that followed HCTI managed to make a substantial recovery. But how long will that state of developments last?

As is the norm with OTC Markets pinksheets sub-penny stocks, there is no real way to be certain. However, a bit of due diligence hints that this sudden spasm may be a dead cat bounce. Why?

Because there is nothing but hype keeping the ticker up. HCTI‘s latest 10-Q defined it as anything but financially stable:

  • Cash & current assets – $2 thousand
  • Intangible assets – $1.8 million
  • Accounts payable – $957 thousand
  • Total liabilities – $8.3
  • Net loss – $2.2 million

Those do not look like the figures of a company that SHW would consider partnering up with. No, they rather look like the numbers one could find in the filings of any idle, dubious pinksheets company.

The fact that most of the almost million dollars it owes is convertible into stock at discounts that range from 40% to 50% further solidifies that impression – and the recent upping of HCTI‘s authorized shares from 150 million to 650 million does not look convincing either.

Note well that this is not to say that there is no money to be made from trading HCTI in moments of volatility. However, investors are advised to proceed with extra caution, should they decide to do so.

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