InterActive Leisure Systems, Inc. (OTCMKTS:IALS) Pump Loses Effectiveness

IALSchart.pngSince StockMister decided to join in the promotion for InterActive Leisure Systems, Inc. (OTCMKTS:IALS) the company at least managed to close in the green on the first day. But now it seems the ticker is going nowhere but downhill wiping almost a quarter of its value yesterday when it closed at $0.22. Volume is still considerable with 1.4 million shares traded.

The promoters hired to praise IALS have been quite busy issuing more than 60 alert emails just this month. Among the currently involved ones Penny Stock Newsletters is getting the largest paycheck – $25 thousand. Next in line is GS Media through all ot its affiliates HoleInOneStocks, Phd-trading, PennyStockParlay and MicroCapDigest with $15 000.

IALS themselves are doing their best in order to sustain the artificial hype by announcing two acquisition agreements in less than a week. Even the $1.7 million earned for 2012 by their latest target Travel Time Technologies, Inc. proved unable to create a prolonged positive trend. Sadly the financial details of the deal weren’t disclosed so for now we have no way to find out how much IALS are supposed to pay.

And this is an interesting question because their own fundamentals aren’t exactly confidence-inspiring:

  • • Zero cash
  • • $488,580 current liabilities
  • • No revenues,
  • • $201,000 net loss since inception

The red flags around IALS run much deeper than a couple of positive PR articles and a pump campaign. Just a couple of months ago they had a different name and different business plan. In fact the latest financial report contains two names – Dukeshire Ventures Inc. and New Medium Enterprises, Inc. As an added bonus IALS did a massive 1-for-1000 reverse split in NAMGchart.pngMarch this year which is a common preparation for the pump campaign that followed.

Today the negative trend is still going strong with IALS losing another 17%. In a stark contrast of stockchart performance North American Oil & Gas Corp (OTCBB:NAMG) have been on an unwavering three week climb. Yesterday they closed at $1.58 and in early trading today the ticker is another 5% up. OBJ Enterprises, Inc f/k/a Obscene Jeans Corp. (OTCBB:OBJE) managed a one-day 30% spike on yet another press release.

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