Liberator Medical Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:LBMH) Going from Strength to Strength

36LBMH_chart.pngAfter the stock of Liberator Medical Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:LBMH) finally managed to break through the $2 mark on Thursday and managed another green close on Friday, things heated up further in yesterday’s session, with LBMH shifting its largest volume in over a month and closing a solid 6.8% up.

The company’s stock seems to have found its mojo, after its mid-summer rally was cut short. The announcement of LBMH implementing a buyback plan for 1 million shares and paying out its third cash dividend in October triggered a fuse. The stock that was comfortably fluctuating around the one-dollar mark went on a green rampage that was interrupted near $1.9 per share by what was likely a bunch of traders cashing out and admittedly pocketing very agreeable profit.

Despite the considerable fall the price took, LBMH has proven its strength and started another climb in late August that culminated in the price piercing through $2 and reaching a 3-year high. The significant increase in volume yesterday and the relatively consistent intra-day movement of the stock show that LBMH can hold on to its new highs. Some traders may also feel a tinge of uneasy excitement that the climb is starting to pick up too much steam but there is little proof of hype buying or overexcitement that may impact the price negatively in the long run.

LBMH managed to pull off a strong quarter and the report published on Aug 9 probably further solidified investor support. The company announced the following figures:


  • $10 million in cash, a $3 million increase on a QoQ basis
  • $8 million in current liabilities
  • $17.4 million in sales, a $0.7 million increase QoQ
  • $2 million in net income, a $0.6 million increase QoQ


6ONCS_chart.pngRight now the future is looking bright for Liberator but there were other hot OTC stocks in yesterday’s session that were far less fortunate. Alkaline Water Company, Inc. (OTCBB:WTER) who crashed another 33% as the pump targeting the stock caved in on itself. OncoSec Medical, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ONCS) had a disastrous session as well, with the stock opening with a gap down and proceeding to slump further and end the day on furious volume and 19% in the red, after the company announced a public offering of shares worth $12 million that will also significantly dilute retail shareholders.

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