Livewire Ergogenics, Inc. (OTCMKTS:LVVV) Pumped by Stock Mister

LVVVchart.pngJust before opening hour yesterday we once again started receiving emails touting the stock of Livewire Ergogenics, Inc. (OTCMKTS:LVVV). The company is focused entirely on the sales and commercialization of their product – Livewire Energy chews. Marketed as a more comfortable and easy to use alternative to the traditional energy drinks, these chews could have had the chance to boost the company’s stock if they were given the chance.

But the ticker has been the target of pump campaigns for a third time in less than a year. The first wave of touts started back in December, 2012 and after the initial crash it still managed to lift the stock to $0.24. The second wave came in February when the ticker had lost around 50% of its value. This time the pumpers had minimal success and quickly moved on to find other “picks”.

LVVVchart1.pngNow a host of new newsletters have decided to try their hand at it led by the infamous Stock Mister who received $30 thousand for its participation. In turn they distributed some funds among the other promoters – WallStreetBaron disclosed $10 thousand while most of the affiliates of RisingPennyStocks joined in for the sum of $15 thousand. The same compensation also received BreakingBulls, PsychoPennyStocks and MarqueePennyStocks. For them the paying party was Micro Cap Consultant.

StockMister has a long history of disastrous pump attempts. Just a little more than a month ago they were hired for the massive half a million dollars to promote the stock of RJD Green Inc. (OTCBB:RJDG). The ticker started plummeting immediately, wiping along the way the savings of many investors. While the losses might not be as big, the same happened with LVVV yesterday.

RJDGchart.pngEven experienced traders who are accustomed to playing pumped stocks had little chances to take profits if they bought in early in the morning as the stock quickly started correcting. At the end of the day it dropped by nearly a full cent from its intraday high. Still the people standing behind the campaign more than likely fulfilled their goals seeing that more than 9 million shares changed hands throughout the session.

Everybody who did their due diligence and opened the financial report of LVVV for the last quarter must have known what was going to happen when the company’s fundamentals are :

  • zero cash
  • $86 thousand total current assets
  • $1.2 million total liabilities
  • $17 thousand revenues
  • $280 thousand net loss

The company has also burned through 70% percent of their authorized shares with 68 million currently outstanding.

The pump for Premier Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:BRND) elevated the stock almost 300% upwards in a flurry of activity reaching 92 million traded shares. Xumanii, Inc (OTCMKTS:XUII) on the other hand nudged up a bit with a 5.7% gain.

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