Lot 78, Inc. (OTC:LOTE) Hot in Fashion, Up 21%

It seems Lot 78, Inc. (OTC:LOTE) is running a feedback loop, as its stable rising trend from the past two weeks is working to feed itself. The ticker shot up 21% to $2.26 on stronger buying volume, and it seems the company has enough credibility now to compete as a ticker with longer-term potential. If Friday does not trigger selling before the weekend, LOTE could approach a rise of 50 cents this week, on continuous net buying. LOTE0418.png

At this point, LOTE has parted with its vehicle company, which shows very little reserves, and works on its own reputation. The OTC business, formerly known as Bold Energy, Inc. (BOLD) showed limited resources before taking up Lot 78: SAFC0418.png

  • Zero revenues
  • $38,000 net loss
  • Zero cash, $1,000 “goodwill” assets
  • $84,000 total liabilities

The next months will show if LOTE will manage to sell enough of its fashion collection to have a shot at higher revenues. So far, the London-based fashion house is featured on several online shops that aggregate high-end urban brands. Until then, a reminder that Lot 78 is housed in a small office, also given as an address for several other penny stock companies:

  • One Clean Planet, Inc. (f/k/a Singular Cheft Inc.) (PINK:SGUFD)
  • Homie Recipes Inc (OTC:HOMR)
  • Vacation Home Swap, Inc. (PINK:VCHS)
  • Kunekt Corp (PINK:KNKT)
  • Eco Energy Pumps, Inc. (PINK:EEPU)
  • Gilla Inc (PINK:GLLA)
  • Numbeer, Inc. (PINK:NUMB)
  • Victory Energy Corp. (VYEY)

Currently, the pumper for LOTE is busy with other promising tickers, and we may be quite certain the campaign for the fashion company is over for now, and any movements will be due to press releases and other general interest. 007 Stock Chat is busily promoting Safe Code Drug Technologies, Corp. (OTC:SAFC), a ticker that is down to one cent and may react easily to the boost of a promotion.

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