Massive Dynamics, Inc. (PINK:MSSD) – Picked For Another Pump

MSSDchart.pngA new day brings a new pump. After the last attempt to promote Massive Dynamics, Inc. (PINK:MSSD) back in March failed to generate any effect, the stock was left alone for awhile. But now pumpers have renewed their strength and are ready for one more try.

This time around the funds are more spread out to encompass a larger group of promoters – ranging from the meager $5000 for Bird Gang Stock to the staggering $150000 for WallStreetReport. Not to mention the $15 000 for MHC Inc, and $55000 for Andalusian Holding. The above two names may be unfamiliar to you because they operate mainly through their affiliates – Psycho Penny Stocks, MarqueePennyStocks and Penny Stocks VIP, Monster Trading Alerts, respectively.

Even though more than $220000 has been spent on the promotion, the company’s stock remained relatively unperturbed gaining only 4.69% to close at $0.33 yesterday. Even the regular posting of press releases has had no influence over the investors. Well, taking a look at those “news”, it becomes no mystery at all as they are all filled with general statements about 3-D printing and some overly-enthusiastic quotes from MSSD‘s CEO.

4MSSDlogo.pngIf MSSD‘s problems ended with a pump campaign and insignificant publications they would be just another penny stock company but things go much deeper than this. Our previous coverage on them revealed some very disturbing information. Go and read that article to find out about MSSD‘s much hyped new CEO and their connection with Kylemore Group and Chimera Energy Corp (PINK:CHMR).

Many red flags are still standing around the background and activities of Massive Dynamics. Unless you are an experienced investor and you are prepared for the possible losses, we advise you to weigh all the pros and cons before stepping in.

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