Mikros Systems Corporation (PINK:MKRS) Might Fall Because of Pumpers

25LOGO.pngFounded 35 years ago in the year 1978, Mikros Systems Corporation (PINK:MKRS) is a small business company that does contract work, often for the military. They specialize in the development of technology and products that help to advance the state of military RD (radio frequency or wireless) and underwater data communications.

3MKRS_chart.pngThe bad news for MKRS‘s stock at the moment is that they are being targeted by pumpers who wish to clean their hands from previous failed pump jobs. The reason why they are touting MRKS is that it is an actual business and not some shell company that gets its profit from selling stock and they have some very decent numbers in their latest annual report. You can take a look at the numbers of prime interest below.

cash: $887,140
total current assets: $2 million
total current liabilities: $701,773
contract revenues: $4.8 million at a sales cost of $2.6 million
total expenses: $1.8 million
net income: $227,109

Seems pretty good for an OTC company. However, things can get ugly with all these pump emails. There are just too many pumpers at the moment trying to improve their record that are sending promotional emails…..for free of course and the company’s stock can suffer from that.

Yesterday we received over 10 pump emails touting MKRS and they were from around 10 different pumpers. It would just be too much to comment on them all but I have chosen 2 that stand out in the crowd and they are Penny Stock Prophet and Penny Stock General.

EXLA_chart.pngThe problem with these guys is that their last pumps had horrific results and a lot of people lost a lot of money. A prime example of one of their previous pumps is Helmer Directional Drilling Corp (OTC:EXLA) formerly known as Exclusive Apparel, Inc. They are a great illustration of a shell company that has no cash, no assets and virtually nothing but losses and debt, that suddenly decides to go and drill for oil.
That of course wouldn’t be possible with their financial situation. The compensation that was paid by insiders that decided to dump their stock was in the form of $30,000 for the Penny Stock Prophet and the Penny Stock General’s disclaimer notifies that they may receive shares at any time from the company, but doesn’t say how many. The pump job from both promoters started on April 17 and the result you can see to the right doesn’t really need any more explanation.

The other example I want to give is a company again touted by both pumpers that left many people empty-handed as well. I am speaking about Eco Trade Corp (PINK:BOPT). Yes that’s right the same BOPT I warned you about in one of my previous articles, who are now halted by FINRA and are currently in the OTC Grey Markets. I am not going to say anything more than that the paid promotions carried out by the folks in question were the final nail in BOPT‘s coffin.

The final advice that we would like to give is as always look at every piece of the puzzle and do your due diligence before investing, because this otherwise legitimate company’s stock may fall victim to the pumpers.

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