National Holdings, Corp. (OTCBB:NHLD) Updates Filings, Invites Investors

National Holdings, Corp. (OTCBB:NHLD) with its high price remains an unusual choice for investors, but it invited more attention and higher volumes in the past months. The question is whether the current prices would survive. NHLD added more than 12% on Wednesday, reaching $0.55, as dollar volumes expanded to $1.40 million. NHLD0515.png

What caused the sudden spike is yet another mode of self-promotion for the company. NHLD took part in a conference targeted at investors, the 15th Annual B. Riley and Co. event. The presentation coincides with the sudden, unusually active absorption of nearly three million shares. NHLD, however, shows an unknown free float and more than 123 million shares outstanding, so there is risk of unknown holdings awaiting their time to be sold off. Still, the company looks good at least on paper, with the latest financial filing from May:MRIC0515.png

  • $21.4 million cash
  • $32.6 million total current assets
  • $19.3 million total current liabilities
  • $30.3 million commissions revenues
  • $3.23 million quarterly net income

The only striking thing is that for a company that is so well padded, buying and rising trends have been rather subdued. We have not met this holding since 2012, when it delayed filings. Now, the company has tightened up its game, and the question is whether it can establish a higher stock price, and whether it can keep it.

Investors’ forums believe the climb leading up to today’s peak levels is just the start of a winning trend for NHLD. But we’ve seen serious companies with much promise which lagged and the volumes remained low. NHLD is an investment alternative in a market overwhelmed by choices in the field of legalized cannabis, and it may remain in the sidelines, pushed away by noisier companies that use PR and promotions to boost their price in the short term.

Still, in the past few days some tickers are awakening from hibernation, as investors look out for growth opportunities outside the MMJ industry. MRI Interventions, Inc. (OTCBB:MRIC) is now seeking direction as it fell from above the dollar levels toward $0.90. The company promises to develop and market specialized diagnostic tools using existing MRI scanners. Despite the good promises, MRIC is sold off from time to time, as it keeps investors waiting.

The other opportunity is Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCBB:TTNP), which is making a three-day run, trying to recover from the bad mood. TTNP now stands around $0.648, far from peak prices, but buyers are returning with tentative purchases.

If you are looking for quality, keep in mind that even good-looking companies don’t always translate their success into good stock performance. Still, for NHLD it is important to note the progress since 2012. There is no overhyped talk of how the ticker could move to NASDAQ, and yet the general trend promises to be positive. Plan the time frame accordingly, as NHLD has been revving up its engines for a while, and may keep investors waiting for a while more.

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