Neutra Corp (OTCBB:NTRR) On A New PR Spree

9NTRR.pngIt’s been going on for the better part of a month now and Neutra Corp (OTCBB:NTRR) are showing no signs of slowing down. Since we last wrote about them back in May, they have issued a total of 10 press releases and each and every one is more optimistic than its predecessor. They announced new joint ventures, online marketing campaigns, innovative technologies, talked about plans of mergers, multi-billion dollar markets and massive growth. If all the press releases are true, then it will be only normal to assume that NTRR have been progressing along nicely. Is that the case, though?

Well, there’s no definitive answer to that question since NTRR still haven’t got around to publishing their quarterly report for the 7MJNA.pngperiod that ended in April, but that said, they are probably way too busy expanding their business. But what is it that they do exactly?

Well, the people who have been following the movement of penny stocks in the recent months will probably look at the chart and guess that NTRR are in the medical marijuana business. They’d be right. The whole thing started back on March 22 when they announced that they are planning to enter the weed industry and you can see that this created quite a lot of stir around investors. 5PHOT.pngVolumes shot through the roof and the price reached a staggering $6.50 per share. Soon after, though, the hype was gone and the ticker started its descend meaning that NTRR‘s chart currently resembles the ones of other medical pot small-cap ventures like Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) and Growlife Inc (OTCBB:PHOT). When you compare NTRR to MJNA and PHOT, however, you will see a couple of differences.

For one, we have received no promotional emails about NTRR, while both MJNA and PHOT have a long history of pumping campaigns with catastrophic results. Staying out of promotions is definitely something that not many penny stocks manage to do, but that said, NTRR do seem to have their own ways of drawing investors’ attention – PR hype. And lots of it.

As we already mentioned NTRR shot up when they announced that their plans are aimed at taking a slice of the medical pot industry and after the rather dismal performance from the last couple of months, they are trying to revive the stock a little bit by explaining how clever their strategy is. They even woke up early today to publish the next in a long line of press releases in which they tell us that Nevada is the next state that has legalized medical cannabis and that this fact is somehow going to help NTRR make you very rich. What are the odds of that happening?

Things aren’t looking too good. You see, unlike MJNA, PHOT and some other serious MMJ companies, NTRR have not managed to generate even a dime in revenue. We spent quite a lot of time on their website and we can see that there are no readily available products and while all the announcements about the joint ventures that they are forming say that partnering with other companies will reduce the time needed to get the smoke-free delivery systems ready, we have yet to see something that resembles a launch date.

And since we mentioned the joint ventures, one of the partnerships that NTRR announced recently is the one with a company called Field of View Technologies LLC. We tried to find some information about them on the Internet, but even though we went all the way to the seventh page on Google Search, we could find absolutely nothing about such an enterprise apart, of course, from NTRR‘s press releases.

If you want more red flags, you might be able to find them in our previous article, where we wrote about their office and their former CEO, Ms. Cindy Morrissey. While you’re at it, you might also want to check out our articles on Aristocrat Group Corp (OTCMKTS:ASCC). ASCC is a company that was run Ms. Morrissey and when when she stepped down, it was taken over by Mr. Robert Federowicz, who is/was involved with a number of shady small cap ventures like Quantum Int. Corp (OTCMKTS:QUAN), First Titan Corp (OTCBB:FTTN) and OBJ Enterprises f/k/a Obscene Jeans Corp.(OTCBB:OBJE).

All these things and the fact that the price has plummeted during the last couple of months are, in our opinion, reasons to tread carefully and consider all the risks before investing any money in NTRR.

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