Nutranomics, Inc. f/k/a Buka Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB:NNRX) Aiding the Pump

1NNRX_chart.pngEarlier today Nutranomics, Inc. f/k/a Buka Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB:NNRX) issued another press release about a purchase order. Will that be enough to save the pump job?

4GNIN.pngNNRX crashed hard on Monday after it became clear that there was a paid promotional campaign carried out by the same pumpers who touted Green Innovations Ltd. (OTCBB:GNIN) and iTalk, Inc. (OTCBB:TALK). Yesterday, the price dropped another 8.51% to $0.43 per share. The volume was lower – approximately 3.3 million shares.

The aforementioned press release concerns an initial purchase order from Total Nutrition Corporation of Manila, Philippines. The price of the purchase wasn’t mentioned this time.

This type of press release policy may seem familiar to those who were keeping an eye on GNIN, which was also quite keen on issuing press releases about purchase orders. Those announcements seemed to work for a while, but eventually they stopped getting any positive market reaction.

GNIN managed to recover after its first crash, although it never reached the highs before the crash, and NNRX has already turned into a disaster for the traders who didn’t sell on time.

Traders and investors should consider the possibility that NNRX may not get a second surge, because at the time of GNIN‘s pump job the pumpers were relatively new to the scene and didn’t have the dismal track record that they do now. Only time will tell what can be salvaged.

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