Origin Oil, Inc. (OTCMKTS:OOIL) Winning Streak on Quarterly Results Announcement

Sometimes penny stocks need to cool down enough to be picked up again, and this is the case of Origin Oil, Inc. (OTCMKTS:OOIL), a long time after the 2011 pumps. The last eight trading days went by with a solid record of climbing, lifting OOIL from 35 to 65 cents. The last day was the most robust, with the price jumping 25%. OOIL0530.png

The latest climb seems to be caused by buying up the valley. The last promotional email for OOIL was in February, followed by a steep slide. Also, the latest reversal of trends may be due to the new financial result release, which was a strong reminder for the company. However, there is hardly anything impressive in the results themselves:POLR0530.png

  • Zero revenues
  • $940,000 operating loss
  • $2.6 million net loss
  • $507,000 cash
  • $1.6 million total liabilities

OOIL promises to produce oil from algae, but it seems the promise has not materialized and the company is left only with plans and promises. But with a slide starting back in 2011, a rebound was expected. The question is how long the good days will last and if pumpers join in to boost OOIL further. At 35 cents, OOIL is not the cheapest and most accessible of penny stocks, but the business description coincides with the higher visibility of alternative energy small cap companies.

OOIL also tries to ride the potential of the fracking industry. Through a joint venture with Clean Water Technology, OOIL plans to offer machines for on-site fracking services. The agreements are still tentative, and depend on third-party financing, since OOIL is somehow low on its own resources. Whether the company will cash in on this opportunity will be seen in its next report, but by then its stock will have moved mostly on sentiment.

OOIL was more hurt by promotions, as the 2011 emails doubled the price from $3 to $6. Still, several dollars was apparently too much for a company with no revenues and piling losses and debt, and OOIL had no bottoming out until now.

One of the current pumps of an oil company is Polar Petroleum, Corp. (OTCBB:POLR), rising above $4.17 on takeover speculations. Added to this is the email from MiningStockAlerts.com, compensated with $8,500. We still don’t know if OOIL will be attractive enough for pumpers, but even if it slides lower, there is plenty of space for dramatic movements in short periods.

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