OSL Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:OSLH) Runs Higher with Bull in Advantage Email

OSL Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:OSLH) is not giving up, even as it is a generally slack day for MMJ stocks. Even stronger buying propped the ticker up, giving it a price growth of nearly 30% to $0.2389. Dollar volumes reached $3.5 million. OSLH, luckily, is not being abandoned by pumpers, with a new message inviting in buyers, this time from Bull in Advantage. The two emails, with a total compensation of $1,700, proved extremely effective for OSLH, as it hit the right time to style itself a cannabis company, and hold on to the buying momentum with PR. OSLH1403.png

The advice of Bull in Advantage (Blue Horseshoe Stocks) sees OSLH as mostly a trading possibility, with the potential to ensure very strong gains in a single day. And in this case, ahead of the weekend, OSLH did well on a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now, it is a matter of time to see how long the interest will hover around OSLH, and if either Friday or Monday won’t come with profit-taking. OSLH is especially threatened by a lull in promotions and PR. REVI1403.png

OSLH received another prop from a mixed publicity report mentioning several cannabis tickers, and the strong point was the partnership with The Natural Way of LA, a dispensary of medical cannabis and marijuana edibles. We still have no details on how the two companies would join to produce new offerings, but in the short term the market effect is undeniable.

Otherwise, OSLH has little to rely on in terms of fundamentals:

  • cash: $1085
  • total assets: $3085
  • total current liabilities: $4.7 million
  • revenues: $0
  • net loss: $101 thousand

In the past few days, OSLH was seen as indeed a risky bid, soon to be undermined by short sellers, but the additional promotion for now defies that expectation.

In a way, OSLH for now reminds of the Resource Ventures, Inc. (OTCMKTS:REVI) adventure. The ticker tripled in price on a few short days as it announced a joint activity with Hemp, Inc. (OTCMKTS:HEMP). Now, REVI hovers around $0.392, as it slacked off on publicity, but surprisingly keeps some of the gains.

OSLH for now does not have the link to known and well-traded cannabis tickers, so it makes it even more vulnerable to corrections. And all the buyers from the past few days will have to reexamine their reasons sooner or later.

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