Penny Stock Crew Raising Hanover Portfolio Acquisitions Inc (OTC:HVPA)’s Stakes

HVPA.pngPromoters get paid to advertise companies that sometimes are not worth advertising. They receive some quite large compensations and reading through the emails we can see that they are doing their job rather well. Penny Stock Crew are no exception and their latest email is dedicated to Hanover Portfolio Acquisitions Inc (OTC:HVPA).

At this point we should mention that when we say that they are doing their job well, we don’t mean that you should believe the emails. We are referring to the way they use words to lure you into thinking that a company is worth investing into. A classic case in point is the newsletter that we received about HVPA. In there you will read about the bright future of the company and how they are entering a market worth billions upon billions of dollars. You will also see that HVPA supposedly has a large portfolio of successful businesses and is a prospecting company. As always, we decided to see if this is actually in any way even remotely true.

HVPA‘s business is not the typical one. They don’t manufacture anything and unlike some other brand new companies, they aren’t reinventing the wheel. What they do instead is acquiring small companies with who have no money and are trying to reinvent the wheel (they try to cover that up by using terms such as “ground-breaking”, “patent-bending” etc.). On paper and in the promotional emails it all sounds good. We, however, are not ones to get excited too easily, so we continued the research.

Luckily HVPA have been relatively regular with the filing of their financial reports and their most recent one provides us with all the information that we need. If we take Penny Stock Crew’s email and we separate it into claims, we can take one quarterly report and dismiss all of them.

For one, HVPA are in a financial mess and there is little to suggest that they are going to get themselves out soon. The fact that they are a relatively new company is not a good enough excuse. We’ll let the figures do the talking:

  • cash: $3 thousand
  • current assets: $19 thousand
  • current liabilities: $1.6 million
  • revenue for the third quarter of 2012: $7 thousand
  • net loss for the same period: $329 thousand


At this point if Penny Stock Crew would probably say, “Yes, but they have acquired some companies that have some really cool technology”. We will need to interrupt them and have them look further down into the financial reports where we see that, indeed, they have signed some contracts with businesses producing all sorts of out-of-this-world products. If they want to be taken seriously, however, they will need to keep their side of the deals, and so far, they haven’t been able to do that. Recently one of these contracts with Personal 3D, Inc. was terminated due to the fact that HVPA are not able to pay the necessary licenses. Looking at the statement, we believe that more contracts are to follow.

HVPA are a new company and the president and CEO of the company, a certain Mr. Alan Collier, was involved with other companies before its inception. It would seem, however, that some people were not quite happy with the way he treated them as customers. So much so, that they have filed a report against him on

IMNG.pngAs we mentioned, Penny Stock Crew are very good at sweet-talking. They even managed to create some hype around IMING CORP (PINK:IMNG) back in December, and for a few moments the trading volume went through the roof. Volume does not mean profit, however, however, and during the first session alone, IMNG lost about a quarter of its price. It has been going further down ever since.

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