Penny Stocks VIP Fiercely Pumping Tiger Oil and Energy, Inc. (OTC:TGRO)

TGRO_chart.gifTiger Oil and Energy, Inc. (OTC:TGRO) enjoyed a rather fruitful market session yesterday as the company announced its oil and gas projects slated for development this year. A three-pronged classical paid pump also made a huge contribution to this spike. However, if you know the notorious past of the company’s CEO, you have hardly been surprised by this scenario.

Closing trade at $0.16, TGRO surged by 42% on a record-breaking volume of 3.12 million. By comparison, TGRO‘s average daily volume for the last 90 days amounts to 56,258, or 56 times lower. Even though the company’s managers made sure to publish a bombastic corporate update promising a bright future lying ahead of its investors, we all know that it takes much more to shift a volume of such a grand scale. And we were right. According to our database. TGRO‘s shareholder update came up at roughly the same time a full-blown promotional campaign started sending emails touting the stock to thousand of investors, including our mailbox. This time, it is a joint effort of three parties which have paid a total of $72 thousand to a whole army of promoters such as Monster Trading Alerts, Penny Stocks Guru, and Penny Stocks VIP to name but a few.

TGRO_logo.jpgConsidering that TGRO is currently being run by Ken Liebscher, we kind of expected a pump like this. After all, Leibscher is notorious for its promotional wrongdoings in the past. In August, 2002, that same guy got arrested by the FBI and subsequently charged with federal mail and wire fraud, as well as a number of ancillary violations. Back then, Liebscher served as the CEO of ThermoElastic Technologies, Inc. Besides TGRO, Liebscher is also the CEO of National Graphite Corp. (OTC:NGRC). Needless to say, we have quite often exposed NGRC as one of the most frequently promoted penny stocks out there.

What also deserves attention is the simple fact that whatever company Leibscher is/has been involved in, it is/has been incurring nothing but substantial losses. TGRO makes no exception. The company has not made a dime for the last three years, has little cash at hand, and has accrued an aggregate loss of $3.8 million (since inception). Revenues are nowhere in sight, either.

As far as CFO Howard Bouch is concerned, he occupies the same position in Black Hawk Exploration, Inc. (PINK:BHWX). The latter is just another small-cap entity with a market cap of less than $0.5 million pretending to be an active player on the oil and gas market. Guess what? BHWX’s financial state is also in dire straits. What is more, BHWX and TGRO have locked up a handful of JVs so far. We have yet to see whether these collaborations will bear any fruit. However, considering how Leibscher is concentrated on pump schemes rather than the management of the company itself, hitting important corporate milestones seems of secondary importance for the time being.

On a closing line, Penny Stocks VIP have not exactly been among the most successful market players since all the stocks they have pumped have more or less followed one and the same pattern, i.e a short-lived surge, followed by a long-lasting downfall. To see how poorly their historical pump picks performed, go to this location. To get a list of Penny Stock Guru’s past promotions, go here.

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