Petrosonic Energy, Inc. (OTCMKTS:PSON) Promises First Revenues, Attracts Buyers

Petrosonic Energy, Inc. (OTCMKTS:PSON) has been making a curious trend the past few days, with rising buying volumes, nearing a million shares per day in the past week. The ticker added nearly 5% on Friday, reaching $1.27. In a week, the company added a third to its value. PSON0617.png

The climb is somehow curious, given that PSON has not seen an active promotion since January. Perhaps the most logical explanation is the announcement from June 10th, a mood-boosting promise that PSON would be generating revenues soon. So far, the development petrochemical company had little to show: ITKG0617.png

  • $2.1 million cash
  • $3.1 million total assets
  • $480,170 total current liabilities
  • $763, 237 quarterly loss, zero revenues

The data show a commitment to continued work, and a longer-term potential. This somehow justifies the all-time high for the company, and there is currently no promotion to exaggerate the moves. In April, PSON suffered a setback after delaying its quarterly results- and now, it has promised revenues as if it is an amazing achievement and not the natural course of any business. PSON presents a risk by looking quite solid compared to other penny stock companies, but at the same time riding uncertain heights on the stock market.

The latest promotions for PSON promised a $3.50 target price, easily reached this year. The company relied on the same promises- its efficient technology in processing heavy crude oil. The completion of each little bit of equipment may not be crucial to the company, yet it makes for interesting press releases, suggesting stability and perspective. Yet in its prospectus, PSON shares a serious ongoing concern. This does not bother the agent that helped PSON go public- one Conrad C. Lysiak, who also led Great Wall Builders (OTCMKTS:GWBU) to market, hyping that company up and leaving it to crash.

PSON so far has shown it is capable of making small upward trends, usually wiped out by corrections. While 2013 is touted as a “pivotal” year, the ongoing concerns and red flags apply full force, and it is best to stay away from PSON unless you can afford to lose all if the little upward trend turns sour.

Recent climber Integral Technologies, Inc, (OTCMKTS:ITKG) is also rising on promises of more rapid corporate development in 2013. It is surprising how many penny stock companies claim 2013 will be the magical year for their business. Yet before that materializes, keep in mind there is always risk that the sentiment on the stock markets will wipe out your investment in part or in whole.

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