Preferred Penny Stocks Go Silent, Pub Crawl Holdings, Inc. (OTC:PBCW) Goes Through the Floor

8PBCW_chart.pngIn yesterday’s trading Pub Crawl Holdings, Inc. (OTC:PBCW) managed a spectacular drop, slumping over 60% down and closing at only $0.027 per share.

Preferred Penny Stocks (PPS) abandoned the company and have not sent any new pump emails since December 6, despite bagging their usual hefty $500 thousand in compensation for the promotion, which fell short this time around. Without the support of a pumper as big as PPS, the company went in free fall and managed to bring a loss of over 80% to whoever was gullible enough to buy the pump. We warned you and told you where this was headed while it was still up and, as usual with such baseless pumps, we were right.

Left without their cheerleaders, PBCW tried to keep the hype alive, releasing some largely irrelevant press releases. Of course, those had no effect on the price movement, as PBCW shares went from about $0.15 to just $0.02 in two sessions. The company now sits almost 50% below the price it started trading at.

Investors are still in the dark regarding the acquisition of Mobile Dynamic Marketing (MDM) – the deal that brought PBCW out of shell status and supposedly brought something of value to the company. PBCW has released zero information regarding the details of the deal, there is no way to know what MDM carried with it and whether it was cash or debt, to add to PBCW‘s existing total assets of $2 thousand. It may be a little too late to effect anything even if the company releases this information now as the stock has already burned a large, smoldering hole in the floor.

NSRSE_fail.pngThankfully, pumpers did not come back to invite everyone to buy the supposed ‘dip’, which will most likely continue to slide down. Still, a large number of people got burned as the company cycled another $570 thousand in yesterday’s trading, emptying the pockets of those who believed this was a solid investment. This is pretty much the usual scenario for all companies pumped by Preferred Penny Stocks. A few example of their past pumps’ performance include disasters such as Pristine Solutions, Inc. (PINK:PRTN) and North Springs Resources Corp. (PINK:NSRSE).

Traders should always do their own research and generally stay away from pumps altogether. Very often pumped stocks drop immediately and even the greediest of traders who try to ride the upward movement before the crash end up losing their investment.

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