Prime Time Stocks Embarks on a Promo Job on Sipp Industries Inc New (PINK:SIPC)

SIPC_chart.gifSipp Industries Inc New (PINK:SIPC) is the latest addition to today’s list of pump jobs. There are three distinct campaigns painting a rosy picture of this company and they are in a fierce competition to get your attention focused on SIPC shares. This is exactly what you do not need to do, for it is hardly worth the effort. Why are we so pessimistic about this venture?

To begin with, promoters claim that PalmBeachCoffee Inc., SIPC‘s sole subsidiary, ‘offers the very finest espresso/capuccino machines in the industry’. So far, so good. What is more, they proudly announce to have developed mutually beneficial long-term distributing relations, too.

The latter would have been great had it not been to the lack of any revenues. If you take a look at SIPC‘s latest quarterly report, you would notice almost immediately that the company simply does not own any assets, has not made a dime since inception and bears resemblance to a classic shell company rather than a fully operating one.

SIPC_logo.pngIn brief, SIPC meets all the requirements to morph into a financial blackhole. In this respect, the supposed merger with a liquor private company announced earlier today before it has become a reality is solely aimed at adding fuel to the advertising campaign carried out by Prime Time Stocks, NYC Marketing Inc and OrbitStocks. Having been rewarded a total of $9,500, those three promoters have done their best to make you buy into their pompous raving on SIPC.

As you might have noticed by now, the pump is already losing a lot of steam. Even though SIPC shares gapped up 180% from it’s close yesterday, the price bubble burst in the twinkling of an eye as the stock’s current market value is exactly 28% lower in comparison to yesterday, which means that the parties behind the pump have most probably taken their profits at the expense of all those totally unsuspecting and credulous traders who might have been enchanted by SIPC‘s spectacular run in the first place.

Should you still hold a stake in SIPC, cutting your losses now would be a wise decision to make. Otherwise, you will have no other choice but rely on a future paid campaign in favor of the same stock. However, even if such a campaign were imminent, getting out at a profit would still be a daunting task now matter how exquisite sense of timing you might have developed.

In case you are still refusing to accept what is happening (and will most probably continue to happen) with SIPC, check out the profiles of Prime Time Stocks, NYC Marketing Inc and OrbitStocks to see how poorly their previous promo picks performed in the aftermath.

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