Promo-Driven 1st NRG Corp. (PINK:FNRC) Digging Deeper and Deeper

8FNRC_chart.pngEver since the end of October, paid promoters have been pumping the hell out of 1st NRG Corp. (PINK:FNRC). Yesterday’s session made no exception. Why are they so deliberately attempting to ramp up the market value of FNRC and does it have anything to do with a private placement transaction closed two years ago?

Back in January, 2011, 1st NRG Corp. (PINK:FNRC) closed a private placement deal with nine investors with regard to the purchase of units for a total price of $14.4 million. The units consisted of convertible preferred shares and warrants to purchase common shares. On Oct. 29, 2012, FNRC announced that those investors had already converted their preferred shares into 44+ million shares of common FNRC stock at a conversion price of $0.32 per share. Back then, FNRC shares were traded at approx. $0.40 per share. It is in this moment that promoters started touting the stock so heavily that they have not shown any signs of slowing down to this day.

FNRC_logo.jpgWhile we can only guess whether those nine investors have anything to do with the pump job, such a scenario is by no means impossible. After all, the guys got their hands on 44 million shares and it would be only natural to try to sell them at a profit, so why not get involved with something like that? We will probably never know for sure if that is the case. What we do know, however, is that FNRC shares have depreciated by a whopping 98.69% ever since the wave of paid promotions started on Oct. 29. What is more, the stock’s price will have to go up 76 times if you want to see it back where it used to be prior to the pumps.

At this stage, FNRC is a sub-penny stock which will hit the tripple zeros sooner rather than later unless the negative trend on the charts comes to a close. Sure, the company does have some natural gas assets at hand, yet the money it makes is not enough to cover the expenses. Even if FNRC were to go in the black soon, the damage which paid promotions have done to its market value is so severe that it would take years of successful business operations to repair.

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