Quadrant4 Systems Corp. (OTCMKTS:QFOR) Accelerates End-Of-Week Climb on PR

Quadrant4 Systems Corp. (OTCMKTS:QFOR) has been making the rounds since September, promoted here and there as a red chip. But the last few days were really a blast, culminating in Friday’s record buying and robust daily growth. QFOR jumped by more than 22% to $1.14 on buying of $1.49 million. QFOR1209.png

The latest promotional email landed on November 18th, from Red Chip Companies, Inc. This promotion was paid by a stock compensation of 500,000 restricted shares, plus options at 25 cents and a monthly fee. Added to this is the fact that QFOR is one of the companies servicing online activity, and as such can rely on better revenues than the usual OTC penny stock. If anything, QFOR is active, showing the following financials: VPIG1209.png

  • cash: $47 thousand
  • current assets: $6.6 million
  • current liabilities: $11.8 million
  • quarterly revenue: $9.1 million
  • quarterly net loss: $836 thousand

Now, QFOR faces the new week without fresh announcements or press releases over the weekend, and it will have to prove the lasting interest of the investors. Despite the increase in revenues from its medical billing online system, the company faces the burden of its debt and accumulated losses. But none of this counts when it comes to the awareness campaign, which may last for a while, propping up the levels for QFOR.

Investors’ forums show awareness of the Red Chip efforts, but still an enjoyment of the upward ride. There is also a mention of the $7 target price, but that is still in the making, as QFOR is standing on a high peak and starts to look precarious.

Not even a higher OTC status and credibility help a ticker survive if sentiment turns sour. Virtual Piggy, Inc. (OTCBB:VPIG) is one selection that was considered a sure bet for a bright future, but in the past months the ticker stagnated.

DubLi, Inc. (OTCMKTS:DUBL) has a similar payment- organizing business model, yet the stock has been stagnated for a whole season, hardly breaking away from the 8-cent levels.

If you are still fond of QFOR, keep in mind that the tides may turn quite soon, and plan the size of your investment accordingly. We will be tracking this ticker to see the result of the awareness campaign, as well as the potential for other risky movements.

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