Rvue Holdings, Inc. (OTC:RVUE) Back in the Limelight

Web advertising company Rvue Holdings, Inc. (OTC:RVUE) is ready to go again, showing lively volumes in the past two weeks after announcing changes to its management. While there is no current promotion, the ticker added more than 21% yesterday, reaching 17 cents. The stock is steadily down from heights of $1.40, and the latest trend is fueled by valley buying as the stock reached lows of 10 cents. RVUE0329.png

A long-forgotten choice for investors, we should try to see again how RVUE lines up in terms of financial fundamentals: MYSL0329.png

  • $971,168 cash
  • $1.08 million current assets
  • $624,251 total current liabilities
  • $18,313 revenues
  • $1.78 million net loss

So far, even smart ad targeting technologies did not manage to make RVUE wildly profitable, yet the company has more solid reserves than usual among small cap businesses. Thus, it may hold longer-term potential and remain active, with the warning that the stock is still capable of wild swings when investors decide to cash in.

The latest changes in the company are two new appointments to the board of directors, Mr. Marc Pacchini and Mr. Peter Emerson. It is unknown what material benefits this could bring, but at least the message went across on well-read business news sites.

So far, RVUE still hides many mysteries, not showing a clear potential for short-term movements. We could glean some information from its competitors. A pink sheet, My Screen Mobile, Inc. (PINK:MYSL) has taken a similar model of targeted advertising, but it seems smartphone advertising is just an excuse to continue as a highly risky pink sheet which already changed five names and business descriptions.

While the Web may offer limitless potential, caution is advised, since a company’s long-term prospects may not reflect well in its graph. Plan accordingly for your most suitable time frame and the size of losses you could afford if you join a trend in the making.

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