Save the World Air Inc (OTCBB:ZERO) Still Climbing the Charts

9ZERO_chart.pngSave the World Air Inc (OTCBB:ZERO) have been climbing the charts for a while now and are currently at a peak in their price from the beginning of the year. Even though the volumes of traded stock are lower from the time when they were pumped back in October 2012 yesterday’s amount of traded stock in Friday’s session was quite big.

The stock of ZERO started the month at around $1.10 and it hovered around that price in the first week. After that it started to climb the chart and reached a peak of $1.45, before starting to slide down. ZERO‘s stock didn’t manage to loose that much in price and started to ascend after reaching as low as $1.22 on July 26.

In that time the total gain in value amounts to about 47% and the stock is currently priced at $1.80 after a little over an hour in today’s session. Friday went pretty good for ZERO both price-wise and volume-wise. It seems that the press release in which the company is speaking about its definitive agreement with TransCanada for using their Applied Oil Technology (AOT) is working well for their stock.

67LOGO.pngThe price of ZERO‘s stock jumped 15.56% yesterday on very high volumes most probably generated by the interest after the optimistic press release. They moved from $1.35 to $1.56 with a total of 1.1 million shares that switched hands, which is quite a lot having in mind that their average of 176 thousand. The total trade value generated by this interest came at $1.7 million and it seems that today’s session is going in a similar way.

Today their stock gapped up and opened at $1.59 with quite a lot of trading going on in the early minutes of the session.They gained a total of 12% to this moment, with a current price of $1.75 even though the high that was achieved in the meantime came at $1.88. The total amount of traded shares is also high with 530 thousand in just over an hour. It seems that the trade value will be able to compete with yesterday’s, as it is calculated at $916 thousand to this moment.

455XUII_chart.pngZERO‘s stock will most probably continue coing in the same direction for the time being, not only because they have decent financials (except for the accumulated deficit amounting to the mind-blowing $80 million) and finally have a deal for their products. Whatever the case be sure to do a lot of due diligence and weigh out the risks, because they can start sliding down with the same momentum that it’s gathering value.

On the other hand Xumanii, Inc. f/k/a Medora Corp. (OTCMKTS:XUII) is going down even at this moment. They are currently priced at $0.28 per share, or 12% down from their previous loss of 9%. Soul and Vibe Interactive, Inc. (OTCBB:SOUL) gained 8% in Friday, but are dropping in today’s session and are currently priced at $1.10.

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