SK3 Group, Inc. (OTC:SKTO) Continue on Stock Analyzer Recommendation

In the last few weeks, double-zero stocks have populated the statistics more and more, awakening from long inactive periods and usually rising several times in price. This is the case of SK3 Group, Inc. (OTC:SKTO), which went up from $0.002 at the end of last week, to $0.006. SKTO0315.png

The company is actively promoted, and the last email from March 11th still holds great effect, although Stock Analyzer took up this ticker for no compensation, perhaps for its high-impact potential. Otherwise, the company that recently burst on the promotional radar, has weak financial backing: CERP0315.png

  • $191 current assets
  • $230, 960 total liabilities
  • $344,808 net loss

The diversified business is currently not reflected in the financial statements, and since the reports are outdated, it is hard to know if SKTO is succeeding or failing in the last periods. But the effects of sudden investor interest are the story that matters, since a double-zero stock moves faster than anything.

So, SKTO also decided to supplement its promotion by a highly-visible message on a well-read business news website. It seems the company decided to appoint licensing expert and former Executive of King World Productions, Kevin Allyn to chair the Board of Direcors. What this appointment will bring will be a matter of time, but for now it has brought the ticker extra exposure, and a good run for a few days. SKTO remains low-priced enough that with more efforts, it could invite more investors.

The SKTO ticker is mentioned along other fast climbing stocks, among them Delcath Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:DCTH), MedSwipe, Inc. (OTC:MWIP) and Syncronys International, Inc. (OTC:SNTL) for a colorful mix of offers, each with an immensely varying risk.

Stock Analyzer is a small-scale promoter with a history of former picks that turned the tides and caused massive losses. SKTO was mentioned as an in-between pick, while the pump for Cereplast, Inc. (OTC:CERP) was going on. What the next few days will show may be diverse, but SKTO seems to be in for more visibility, which will either cause it to climb or to fall down to sales. In any case, keep in mind that SKTO is a new and risky arrival and plan accordingly for changes in direction.

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