Solar America Corp (OTC:SOLX) to Get Crushed by a Third Pump

SOLX_chart.pngIn less than three months of active trading, Solar America Corp (OTC:SOLX) is getting a third paid pump. The previous two were followed by significant crashes, and today is the start of the third.

The newsletters touting SOLX this time are owned and operated by Global Marketing Media LLC (GMM), a long time paid pumper. The group includes Penny Stock Circle (PSC), 1-2-3 Stock Alerts, Penny Stock Players, and The Stock Scout.

9MSSD.pngThe pumpers are calling SOLX their “new momentum alert,” a bit strange considering the limited trading activity the stock is seeing these days. The pump can definitely help with the low volume, but as far as the price is concerned, SOLX can get pushed further down.

The previous pump of PSC and the other GMM newsletters was Massive Dynamics (PINK:MSSD). They called MSSD their “new mega-momentum alert” on Apr. 17, after the close. The already battered stock of MSSD gapped up, but started crashing the very same day.

4LNWZ.pngThe one before MSSD was League Now Holdings Corp (PINK:LNWZ) which had a huge spike on the first day of the pump, but it also started crashing almost immediately, and yesterday it closed more than 80% below the pump high.

SOLX is playing its part in the pump game and issued a press release earlier today. It’s about some Letter of Intent with a L&G Energy Solutions, to supply LED solutions. The press release doesn’t provide any significant information, but it may help create some hype.

For traders who got stuck in SOLX during previous pumps this could potentially provide an opportunity to minimize losses. They should keep in mind the recent track record of GMM. Greed can be very expensive.

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