Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TAUG) f/k/a Immunovative, Inc. (PINK:IMUN) Attracts Pumpers

TAUGchart.pngYesterday Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (OTCMKTSP:TAUG) opened lower than the previous close and initially showed little movement in either direction. But that soon changed and the stock shot upwards to close the day at $0.075 or in other words – a 27% increase. The company needed such a breath of fresh air after the downward slide they have been experiencing since May.

This negative trend came as a result of $15 000 pump campaign started by the affiliates of MJ Capital – PennyStockLocks, StockLockAndLoad, StockRockAndRoll to name a few. Despite their efforts the stock gained less than 1% on the first day of promotion and after that things began spiraling out of control. In just a month the company lost 40% of its value.

Now a second wave of alert emails has been sent. This time the compensations disclosed are significantly smaller, ranging from $1500 for StockMarketMediaGroup to $7000 for StockEdge, TheStockBrainiac and Premier Equity Reports, affiliates of EQUITIES AWARENESS GROUP. Pumps with smaller budgets tend to have minimal effects but they may still be able to attract attetion to TAUG.

Meanwhile let’s take a look at the company’s financial side. They are supposed to file an annual report soon but for now we have only the quarterly for the period ending December 31 to rely on. According to it back then TAUG had :

  • $70 thousand cash
  • $200 thousand total current assets
  • $722 thousand total current liabilities
  • no revenues 
  • $3.5 million net loss

They have managed to incur a net loss of $12 million for the 2 years they have been in operation.

GNINchart.pngThe latest news about them regarded a joint venture with Green Innovations Ltd. (OTCBB:GNIN) for the sales of 100% Tree-Free Bamboo-Based Disinfectant Wipes. If the name of this company doesn’t ring any bells you should go and read our article about the extensive pump they underwent. Due to the incessant promotion they dropped down to $0.42 from as high as $3.

TAUG offers little to incite long-term investment. Experienced traders may try to play the pump but the inherent volatility of the ticker should not be underestimated.

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