Team Nation Holdings, Corp. (OTCMKTS:TEMN) Steps Back, but Hope Still Lives

Team Nation Holdings, Corp. (OTCMKTS:TEMN) is a boutique company in every way- selling niche products, and being a niche ticker, so far the choice of few investors. After an unusual day of gains, TEMN stepped back by more than 24% to $0.0059, on selling volumes above $1.59 million. Nearly 200 million shares were dropped, in the largest share volume for years. TEMN3103.png

TEMN is being tested for now, as there are no new emails or PR to prop up a continued buying spree. But the high selling volumes hold the hope that trading will move out of the very stagnant volumes in the past years. Investors’ forums are also relatively inactive for now, compared to tickers that draw greater attention.

But this company will not drift for too long, as a name and ticker change are expected soon. So it is logical that the few enthusiastic buyers would expect the double-zero alcoholic beverage company to develop into the range of a few pennies, or even higher, mostly propped by its real product portfolio and potential for sales. Immediately, the financials show that TEMN has a better quality than other tickers in the dismal double-zero price range. Niche alcoholic beverages brought TEMN the following reserves:

  • $379,000 quarterly revenues
  • $416,000 quarterly net loss
  • $45,000 cash
  • $498,000 total current liabilities

TEMN indeed saved some money with a virtual office in the Bank of America center in Houston, Texas. Also, it is unfortunate that we cannot find the company’s products with large online sellers, or through the corporate website. TEMN is just a distributer, taking the Dziaq Liqueur brand, a pomegranate flavored drink, from private company Core Groupe, LLC. The Besado Tequila brand is also impossible to find in online stores, so the marketing and distribution have their glitches.TQLA3103.png

But TEMN has set itself up for future success, promising to expand to six or 10 brands in the next few years, and even take a piece of the soft drinks market. Given that TEMN is into the beverage business since 2008, we don’t know when those two or three golden years would happen. Back in 2008, the alcohol company in practice received the exposure to the OTC markets through a reverse merger with the mining company Suncross Exploration Corp., and waited for a while until announcing the upcoming switch in names. Soon, we expect to be trading Top Shelf Brands Holdings Corp.

But a fresh start with a new name may not be enough, and even a good product range may not translate into a respectable stock price. Montalvo Spirits, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TQLA) continues to be depressed, wiping out a few more cents to stand at $0.12, as the ticker went for more than a month without updates. TQLA was also propped up by a paper and email promotion, and the result is a prolonged slide in the stock price.

On a more positive note, the Alkaline Water Co, Inc. (OTCBB:WTER) has returned to, and in the past week made a small rising trend, touching 20 cents again. The upward trend in March is self-generated, only boosted by the financial report at the end of February.

If you are patient enough to wait out TEMN, keep in mind that a double-zero price holds inherent volatility, so avoid overinvesting unless you can afford the less cheerful moments.

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