Therapeutic Solutions International Inc (OTCMKTS:TSOI) Down After Volatile Session

After jumping nearly 300% last week and clambering to over a cent, Therapeutic Solutions International Inc (OTCMKTS:TSOI) is now wedged firmly back in double zeroes. Yesterday the stock sunk another 5% to a close of $0.0057 per share on volume that swelled back up to 34 million shares traded. Within the space of two sessions, the ticker wiped about 50% of its market cap.

TSOI is a delinquent SEC filer that last submitted a financial report back in 2013. The only reason the barely traded stock moved up last week was a press release and an 8-K filing mirroring it, announcing TSOI filed a patent application for one of its products. The product in question is a nutraceutical that allegedly enhances the power of immunetherapeutic medication.

This would have all been a very intriguing if TSOI was not keeping everyone in the dark regarding just about everything else. This seems to be the main reason why TSOI barely trades. Over the last few months the company had more zero-volume sessions that sessions with any amount of shares traded.

The crippling crash that sent TSOI 50% down from its newfound penny high is still regarded by some as simply a pullback but with the ticker back in double zeroes, it’s difficult to imagine what it would take for another push up the charts, especially given its prior low liquidity.

Still, the fact that there are enough people who can buy this sort of mystery meat stock, basing their decision on just a press release, goes to show that the OTC is as volatile and unpredictable as ever. If TSOI‘s management actually provided an official update on the company’s current financial situation and share structure, getting excited about a press release would be a lot easier.

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