Top Shelf Brand Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TEMN) Attempts New Jump Under New Name

Now under a new name, Top Shelf Brand Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TEMN) is getting to work, and the stock price responded by another strong spike. TEMN added more than 29% on Monday, ending up at $0.0093, as buying volumes expanded to $1.21 million. For now, TEMN remains a boutique choice on the OTC markets, though it aims for a larger future. TEMN0408.png

To achieve that aim, TEMN announced a credit line of $5 million, which should facilitate the distribution efforts and probably expand the brand portfolio. With its alcohol sales, TEMN has the potential to become a cash-cow company, and even now its balances show a better position than similarly-priced OTC tickers. Still, TEMN has a long way to go, and has to prove its strength in the face of significant stock dilution, with more than a billion shares outstanding. TQLA0408.png

The financial condition before the injections of the credit line is the following:

  • $379,000 quarterly revenues
  • $416,000 quarterly net loss
  • $45,000 cash
  • $498,000 total current liabilities

Now, the funds needed would be added by a private fund, River North Equity, LLC. Now, TEMN has to show how it would stretch the funding to cover a range of expenses, from operating capital to acquisitions and general business expansion.

The developments around TEMN are giving a new cause for optimism among investors’ forums, ranging from a certainty that there would be a technical breakthrough, to hopes for longer-term potential due to the underlying activity of the company. The increased activity has led to expectations of TEMN rising up to multiple pennies, but that is not unusual for double-zero prices. The only question is whether investors would be patient enough, and if profit taking won’t wipe out the gains.

The other in-demand alcoholic company, Montalvo Spirits, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TQLA) is hardly able to recover. After what looked like a rebounce, TQLA slid back again, sold off toward $0.14. TQLA was overly-promoted, but even this could not stop the general downward shift in the stock price.

Speaking of companies that promised great success, Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VEND) has not given up on its high hopes for 2014. Still, the ticker is not able to revisit its higher positions, and remains stuck between $3 and $4. VEND wiped out a day of recent gains, sliding down toward $3.54 again.

If you’ve been tracking TEMN, it is possible to be tempted by its significant potential for successful days. This ticker also holds some longer-term potential. But until TEMN has been around for a while longer, there is a possibility that the unusually high trading volumes won’t hold. Adjust your timing accordingly, to avoid getting caught up with unsellable stocks.

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