Triton Distribution Systems Inc. (OTCMKTS:TTDZ) Hanging On

Yesterday Triton Distribution Systems Inc. (OTCMKTS:TTDZ) finally managed to break the red streak that had cost it 30% of its market value in the previous four sessions. The company even came out 5.53% ahead, but where will it go from here?

It seems there is no simple answer to that question. Despite being largely irrelevant now, the income statement that came out on TTDZ‘s newsfeed on May 15 must have had a some impact on the market. Supposedly, the media attention it threw at the company has offset the downward pull of TTDZ‘s most recent financial report. Said quarterly hit the web on the very same day as the income statement and contained literally nothing of value for investors. It provided only information on the company before the merger, which was already available on the web.

Disappointingly enough, the much anticipated consolidated balance sheet that could make or break the company’s market standing was nowhere to be found. Which means that, although TTDZ has technically fulfilled its obligation to file a report, investors are still unable to do due diligence on the company. So what does this mean for the investor?

Although the numbers in it are impressive, the Income Statement, woefully outdated as it is, provides nothing for reasonable investors to hang on to. On the other hand, TTDZ is a marijuana stock, which means that  random market volatility could pick it up and fling it skywards for little or no reason at all, at any time. This puts TTDZ investors in a very precarious situation, because it is almost impossible to predict where the stock will go next.

As always, it is up to the investor to decide if he wants to bet on TTDZ and potentially reap the rewards if the company ends up being a good one. However, anyone who does wish to commit should do so with the clear knowledge that, as it is now, an investment in TTDZ is nothing less than a gamble. This will remain true until the company’s consolidated balance sheets hit the web.

Most other marijuana tickers weren’t as successful as TTDZ yesterday. Tranzbyte Corp. (OTCMKTS:ERBB), for instance, fell almost 10% in that session.

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