USA Graphite Inc (OTC:USGT) Becomes the Biggest Pump

21USGT_chart.pngUSA Graphite Inc (OTC:USGT) managed another green close yesterday. This leaves it the biggest pump job standing after the spectacular crash of World Moto, Inc. (OTC:FARE).

USGT closed up another 3.04% at $0.948. The volume was lower than the 5.4 million on Tuesday and came in at about 3.4 million shares.

5BRND.pngStock Castle, WallSt Advisor, Obscure Stocks and Hottest Penny Stocks are in the group of pumpers touting USGT. Their previous pumps didn’t go as high as USGT. Premier Brands Inc (OTC:BRND) was the previous one and it had a short-lived run. The list also includes IDO Securities Inc (OTC:IDOI) and Empire Post Media (OTC:EMPM).

3IDOI.pngDespite the different time frames of the pumps, the different industry sectors and in some cases the difference in compensation, all pumps share at least one common trait. They all go down when the dumping starts and the hype goes away.

One possible reason for the long run of USGT is it’s supposed involvement in the graphite industry. Another is the sheer intensity of the pumping. As mentioned in previous articles USGT has been touted through spam emails and paid posts on investor message boards.

As the biggest pump at this time USGT is bound to get some more attention. The question which remains is how long can this pump job survive without revenues, financing, or any solid proof that it’s actually doing anything to actually start mining graphite.

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