USA Graphite Inc (OTC:USGT) Pump May Be Done For

6USGT_chart.pngUSA Graphite Inc (OTC:USGT) closed down for a second consecutive day. That wouldn’t necessarily indicate the end of the run for USGT, but there are factors which may suggest this is the case.

Yesterday USGT closed down 7.94% at $0.58 per share. The volume reached 800 thousand shares. More importantly the Stock Castle pumpers stopped mailing on Sunday. There are still paid posters on investor message boards but their impact is usually negligible.

2NGRC.pngThe whole USGT pump relied on the hype around graphite. The problem is that USGT hasn’t done anything noteworthy.

The other recently hyped up graphite company – National Graphite Corp. (OTC:NGRC) failed miserably too, but it’s a couple of sessions ahead.

4BRND.pngIf this turns out to be the end of it, the USGT pump will go down as one of the shortest pumps by that group of promoters. Premier Brands Inc. (OTC:BRND) ran for eight sessions befor crashing.

The reaction of the company after two drops was to issue a press release which only tries to add to the hype by providing an irrelevant comment on Samsung’s success with graphene. Why is that irrelevant?

For starters USGT is nowhere near producing graphite let alone graphene. Additionally, the press release doesn’t even contain a significant comment. A sentence saying USGT is “excited” hardly qualifies.

The other relatively new development was the filing of an 8-K about the employment agreement with Wayne Yamamoto, the CEO of USGT. The company is supposed to pay him $2 thousand per month. As per their latest financial report, USGT has enough cash to pay Mr. Yamamoto for one month.

Hopefully, readers didn’t buy the hype, or if they did, they got out in time.

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